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Influenza hospitals in mainland China are full of people suspected of the new crown and emergency warnings for disease control in many places (Figure) Epidemic | Influenza A | Virus | School |

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Influenza hospitals in mainland China are full of people suspected of the new crown and emergency warnings for disease control in many places (Figure) Epidemic | Influenza A | Virus | School |

Influenza A (H1N1) outbreaks broke out in many places in mainland China, and hospitals in many places were full. (Image source: video screenshot)

[Look at China News March 1, 2023](See comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Muzi Li) Recently,Chinese mainlandOutbreak of Influenza A H1N1flu virusEpidemic situation, Beijing, Zhejiang and other disease control emergency reminders appear in many placesSchoolA cluster of influenza epidemics spread across the InternetHospitalIt was full, and some people questioned “it is a new round ofnew crown”。

Beijing and Zhejiang CDC urgently remind Lu Min: Symptoms are the same as the new crown

According to news from China Xiaokang.com on March 1, on February 28, the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a document stating that “recently, there have been school influenza outbreaks in many places in our province, and the results of influenza surveillance at sentinel hospitals have also shown that the intensity of influenza epidemics in our province is on the rise. The situation is dominated by Influenza A H1N1.”

On February 27, the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the intensity of seasonal influenza epidemics in Beijing has shown a clear upward trend, with influenza A virus occupying an absolute advantage, accounting for 99%.

Zhang Daitao, director of the Infectious Diseases and Endemic Disease Control Institute of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the intensity of seasonal influenza epidemics in Beijing has shown a clear upward trend. The number of influenza-like cases last week increased by 78% compared with the same period in 2019. Future influenza epidemic trends still need further observation.

Zhang Daitao said that the epidemic of influenza has its own characteristics. It usually declines after the peak of the epidemic in December of that year, but there will usually be small fluctuations again before the end of the epidemic in the spring of the next year, but “this year’s situation is more special.” With the start of school for college, middle school and primary school students, crowd mobility has increased and gathering activities have been frequent, “the intensity of influenza epidemic activity has risen significantly.”

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In this regard, some netizens questioned. A Zhejiang netizen “Please call Shibage” said, “Are you sure it’s the flu? How does it feel like a new crown? The symptoms are the same as the new crown, the disinfection method is the same, and the treatment method is the same.” Heilongjiang netizen “New How about another one?” questioned, “Is it because the new coronavirus is on the body, so the resistance to the flu has also decreased, similar to after getting AIDS, just a cold is very serious?”

Primary and secondary schools in many places in mainland China suspend classes due to infectious diseases

According to reports, since February, following the start of the new semester, it is common for primary and secondary schools in various places to suspend classes due to infectious diseases. Among them, more than ten students in two primary and secondary schools in Hangzhou were infected with the new crown (COVID-19), Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin Class suspensions in Zhejiang, Ningbo, Jinhua and other places were all caused by A-flu.

Four cases of influenza were confirmed in a class of a primary school in Qingpu, Shanghai, and many students had fever and flu symptoms. From February 20th to 23rd, classes will be suspended for 4 days and online teaching will be changed. The Qingpu District Education Bureau stated that the students were suffering from influenza A, not the new crown.

Some classes in the elementary school and middle school of Huachen School in Beichen District, Tianjin suspended offline teaching due to students having a fever. Classes were suspended for two days on February 20 and 21. The fever was due toInfluenza Acause.

On February 10, three children in a kindergarten in Lianhu District, Xi’an were infected with norovirus. According to the requirements of the disease control department, the relevant classes were suspended for 3 days, and the entire kindergarten was disinfected.

Recently, the Century City Experimental Primary School in Hangzhou Bay New District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province issued a “Letter to Parents on Suspension of Classes” and circulated on the Internet. The education department of Qianwan New District confirmed that some classes have recently been suspended due to student health problems, but the suspension is due to influenza, not the new crown.

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Hospitals across the mainland are full of netizens questioning “this is a new round of new crown”

Influenza A is breaking out in many places in mainland China. A doctor from Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital posted on Weibo that both influenza A and B viruses may cause influenza virus pneumonia (white lung), and there are patients with large white lung caused by it every year. died. At present, hospitals in many places are full, and some netizens questioned, “Is there a possibility that the new crown is now renamed influenza A…”

On March 1, the Twitter account “Nobita’s Smile” released a video saying that the Longyan Campus of Tianjin Children’s Hospital was already full at two o’clock in the middle of the night, and people were still full, with at least 2307 people in the queue. Heavy! That’s right”, she had symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, and had frequent high fevers. In another video, a man bluntly said, “Our city is currently in a period of high incidence of influenza, coupled with the sporadic spread of new crown infections.” The netizen who posted the video said, “This is now that Beichen District in Tianjin has been closed.”

In a number of videos posted by netizens recently, the Pediatrics Department of Changchun Hospital is full. Norovirus and influenza A are suspected. Another netizen who released the video said, “Influenza A is spreading in southern China recently, and all the students in the school are bedridden and cannot get sick transfusions.”

There is also a video showing that the location is unknown, the waiting hall of the hospital is overcrowded, and there are more than 100 children queuing up. The netizen who posted the video said, “Repeated fever for 4 days, coughing, and high fever! Is it a new round of new crown? The CCP has fallen into a ‘tacitus’ Trap’, anything you say is no longer credible!”

It should be noted that for the above video, it is not yet possible to independently verify its content, time and location.

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