Home News [Information Times]Is the “New Crown Drug Stocking List” reliable?Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration reminds: There is no need to blindly “stockpile drugs” with sufficient drug supply

[Information Times]Is the “New Crown Drug Stocking List” reliable?Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration reminds: There is no need to blindly “stockpile drugs” with sufficient drug supply

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[Information Times]Is the “New Crown Drug Stocking List” reliable?Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration reminds: There is no need to blindly “stockpile drugs” with sufficient drug supply

Information Times News (Reporter Cheng Xiaozhen, correspondent Guangdong Drug Administration) Recently, the “New Crown Medicine Order” chart and “New Crown Drug Stocking List” have been circulating on social platforms, and many citizens have followed suit and hoarded medicine. Is it really necessary? ? A few days ago, the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration issued a reminder: You can buy a small amount of short-term, urgently needed daily backup drugs, but long-term large amounts of irrational hoarding of drugs is unnecessary.

At present, the Guangdong drug regulatory department conducts scientific and accurate hierarchical control over the sales of drugs in the “Catalogue of Drugs that Require Real-Name Registration and Reporting During the Epidemic Period” (hereinafter referred to as the “Catalogue”) in retail pharmacies within the jurisdiction according to the risk areas designated by the territorial prevention and control command office. Citizens “Wear a mask correctly, have a normal body temperature, and have a green health code” and you can enter the pharmacy to buy medicines. Among them, retail pharmacies in high-risk areas suspend the sale of “listed” drugs, retail pharmacies in low-risk areas sell “listed” drugs need real-name registration reports, and retail pharmacies other than high- and low-risk areas sell any drugs without registration reports.

According to reports, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration has optimized, adjusted and formulated the “Guidelines for the Guidelines for Sentinel Monitoring in Retail Drugstores in Guangdong Province (Third Edition in 2022)” and “Guidelines for the Guidelines for the Work of Guaranteeing Drugs for the Masses in Epidemic Risk Areas in Guangdong Province (Third Edition in 2022)” 》, scientifically coordinate and take into account the sentinel monitoring work of retail pharmacies and ensure the normal medication needs of the masses. All parts of the province must resolutely prevent the simplification of sentinel monitoring work in retail pharmacies, “overweighting each level” and “one size fits all”, and must not arbitrarily require retail pharmacies to suspend operations or suspend the sale of “catalogue” drugs.

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  Hot question and answer

  Question: Is it necessary to grab and stockpile medicine?

Answer: No need! On the one hand, medicines have a shelf life, and there are certain conditions for storage. Improper storage is easy to deteriorate, and too many medicines are easy to cause waste if stored for a long time. Citizens are requested to plan to arrange their own small medicine boxes according to the actual situation, and seek medical treatment in time if they feel unwell.

On the other hand, the supply of cold medicines in Guangdong Province is sufficient. Recently, wholesale enterprises in the province have distributed 3.6 million units of cold medicines to 55,000 retail pharmacies in the province, exceeding the highest demand in recent days. This short-term explosive growth momentum is unsustainable. The current 180% increase in sales is mainly due to the purchase of spare parts. Citizens should purchase medicines on demand in a scientific and reasonable manner.

  Question: Can taking medicine in advance without cold symptoms prevent it?

Answer: No. Most cold medicines are used to treat diseases, not to prevent them. If you take medicine without a disease, it will break the original balance of human body functions, increase the burden on the liver, spleen and stomach, and you may get sick instead.

  Q: What should I pay attention to before and after buying medicine?

Answer: 1. Buy medicines through legal channels and regular pharmacies, and keep the sales vouchers. It is not recommended to buy medicines through Moments and other channels. Not only the quality of medicines cannot be guaranteed, but also the risk of medicines is increased, which may bring harm to health .

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2. Everyone’s constitution and symptoms are different, and the medicines they take are not exactly the same. Take it according to the doctor’s advice, prescription or instructions. It is not recommended to believe in the “medicine sequence chart, drug stock list” spread on the Internet, and do not mix and match medicines by yourself. Also, do not buy prescription drugs without a prescription or without pharmacy services. Even for common minor diseases or long-term use of drugs, it is often necessary for doctors to decide whether to maintain or adjust the original medication according to the condition.

3. After purchasing the medicine, keep the medicine according to the storage conditions indicated in the instructions, and take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice or usage and dosage, paying special attention to the adverse reactions, contraindications, precautions, etc. in the instructions.

4. If you encounter illegal drug sales websites, or find violations of laws and regulations such as selling counterfeit and inferior drugs, please call the 12315 hotline for complaints and reports.

  Q: How do special people treat colds?

Answer: Remember to “follow the doctor’s advice” when taking medicines for special populations.

1. The elderly should pay attention to keeping warm and avoid going to places with large traffic. Generally, if the elderly are actively treated after catching a cold, and they do not have serious underlying diseases, they can recover quickly without too much danger.

2. For children with fever, the antipyretic and analgesic drugs can be acetaminophen or ibuprofen. It is not recommended to use the two in combination or alternately. Other antipyretic and analgesic drugs are not recommended.

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3. When the body temperature of pregnant women is high for a long time, in addition to seriously affecting the central nervous system of the fetus, it may also cause congenital diseases or deformities of the fetus, and it is easy to cause miscarriage or premature delivery. For the healthy development of the fetus, if symptoms of cold and fever occur during pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment in time.

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