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Inhabitants of commune 3 blocked highway 44: they demand attention to their needs

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Inhabitants of commune 3 blocked highway 44: they demand attention to their needs

For more than three hours the avenue was blocked calle 44 al sur de Valleduparby community leaders who claim that commune 3 to which the Mareigua, El Paramo, Nuevo Milenio and Promised Land invasions belong, among others, presents different problems that affect them directly and that are not dealt with by the competent entities.

The most recent nonconformity corresponds to the overflow of the sewer system of carrera 25at the height of the Promised Land invasion, which, according to what they argued, completes three weeks dumping wastewater that generates, in addition to socio-environmental problems, diseases that lead to respiratory problems.

That’s how he expressed it Rodrigo Garciapresident of the Community Action Board of the El Páramo neighborhood, one of the people who led the protest, who also argued that in the community he represents, they not only have problems with manjoles, but also live different difficulties corresponding to problems with garbage, failures in public lighting, insecurity problems, among others.

Rodrigo García, president of the Community Action Board of the El páramo neighborhood, led the protests. PHOTO: FABIÁN PINILLOS

This was said by the community leader in an interview for THE PYLON: “This problem has been going on for about a month and my community is currently getting sick, the right to health affects us especially, a fundamental right of Colombians, established in the Political Constitution of Colombia and with this we show the Valduparense community that we can manifest peacefully”.

He also added that since November of last year they established a right of petition to Aseo del Norte, requesting garbage collection and tree pruning services, that according to this company’s response, said activities would be carried out in January 2023 but that to date they have not received the required solution.

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In the same way, Marlene Moyapresident of the JAC of the Mareigua neighborhood, affirmed that before actually taking the roads, they had been notifying the competent entities about these problems but that they had not responded to the call despite the fact that, as he stated, they did so insistently.

We got tired of playing for good, that’s why we had to do this takeover, which we have done peacefully, formally they have not wanted to help us, so I ask the mayor, is it convenient for a town to rise up to get what it needs ?, we pay taxes, we pay for public lighting, we have the right to a good service and they are not providing it to us”the leader finished.

During the blockades there was a disturbance of public order among some people who were moving along Calle 44 avenue in the south of Valledupar: PHOTO. Fabian Pinillos


A union that was also an active part of the day of demonstrations was that of the motorcycle taxi drivers, who assured that in addition to belonging to the commune three, they united to claim the municipal administration that despite the meetings established between the two parties, as expressed , issues corresponding to labor retraining for people who are dedicated to this trade were agreed, they have not yet been complied with.

That’s how he expressed it Miguel Lozano, motorcycle taxi leader: “We have summoned Dr. Katrizza, manager of Siva, but without arguments she cancels meetings for us, we have been at dialogue tables for a while, looking for solutions, but so far only warm water cloths”, ended.


Felipe Murgas, Secretary of Government of Valledupar, was present at the place of the demonstrations, who argued that: “The initial problem, which is the issue of sewage, is already in the hands of the Emdupar technical team, to give this a solution, which is not momentary, but rather a definitive solution.”


For his part, Joseph Daniel Lionhead of the technical department of Emdupar, went with the operational team to find solutions to the problem of the overflow of the inspection wells and assured that what was found was an obstruction to the networks of the sanitary sewerage system.

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We are probing all the networks, with the technical personnel of the network maintenance crews, cleaning and probing by the suction pressure equipment is also scheduled, this in order to carry out the corrective procedure that allows the normal operation of the networks. the official concluded.

Finally, the protesters and the Secretary of Government reached an agreement to lift the blockades, since, according to the official, the parties involved will meet at the City Hall facilities, where they will listen to community leaders in order to seek alternatives to the problems. that afflict them


The entry Residents of commune 3 blocked the 44: they demand attention to their needs was first published in El Pilón | News from Valledupar, El Vallenato and the Colombian Caribbean.

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