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Inner Mongolia Jiziwan tourism season opens, Laoniuwan staged the local “Yellow River Cantata”-Economic Observer Network-Professional Financial News Website

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Economic Observer Network reporter Song Fu Li

Walking through the blue waves of the Yellow River Grand Canyon, listening to the “Yellow River Cantata” on the shore, coupled with the scorching sun above your head, entering the summer Laoniu Bay scenic spot in Inner Mongolia, it has become popular online and offline.

On June 20th, tourists who came to the Laoniu Bay scenic spot in Inner Mongolia enjoyed an extraordinary audiovisual feast. In the morning, the 2021 Inner Mongolia Yellow River Jiziwan Ecological and Cultural Tourism Season officially opened. On the stage with the Yellow River Grand Canyon in the background, many performers and singers from Inner Mongolia gathered here, singing in unison, singing lively for the peak tourist season of Inner Mongolia The welcome overture came out.

In his speech, Du Huiliang, Acting Mayor of Ordos City, sincerely invites everyone to come to Ordos and enjoy the “sweet listening journey”.

This “sweet listening journey” sounds fresh. Du Huiliang said that Ordos is known as “the ocean of song and the hometown of dance.” Manhan tune, Ordos short-tune folk songs, and Ordos wedding have been included in the national intangible cultural heritage. , Ordos dance and chopstick dance are world-renowned…These unique music and dances are just waiting to be immersed and listened carefully.

2021 Inner Mongolia Yellow River Jiziwan Ecological and Cultural Tourism Season Opens Yan Chenguang/Photography

The opening ceremony of the theatrical performance, Manhan tuned together to sing “Nine Songs of the Yellow River Bend”, bringing visitors into a strange experience. It is understood that Manhan Diao is based on the Mongolian short-tune folk songs and the Han folk singing style, which is a subtle combination of songs. The accent is enthusiastic and bold, the melody is simple and novel, coupled with the neat syntax and lively rhythm, and the integration of Zhungeer’s local accent, exuding a strong rural flavor and mountain flavor. It is extremely popular in Ordos and surrounding Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places. Widely sung.

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As a national intangible cultural heritage, Manhan Diao is a music genre formed by the fusion of Mongolian and Han music cultures. In the scenic area, a Manhan tuning musical instrument exhibition space is specially set up to display the very characteristic Manhan tuning musical instruments. Here, the Manhan Tuning Art Festival Manhan Tuning Vocal and Instrumental Music Contest Preliminary Contest has been held to the ninth time. With the opening of the tourism season, the competition will also kick off.

The Yellow River in Inner Mongolia has always been a place where farming civilization and nomadic civilization have merged and bred a rich and colorful regional culture in history.

The Nine-curved Yellow River rushes thousands of miles away from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It outlines the magnificent “several” bends in Inner Mongolia. The Yellow River flows into the desert, into the plains, and through the ravines, depicting a unique landscape. Here, you can walk on the ecological grassland and admire the beauty of “the sky, the wild, and the cows and sheep when the wind blows through the grass”; you can also stroll through the vast desert and look at the majestic “solitary smoke of the desert and the sunset of the river”.

WeChat picture_20210620225049

Zheng Xiaodong/Photography

On June 20, more than 40 people from “Traveling a Few Words and Feeling the Soul of the Yellow River”-the national mainstream media Inner Mongolia Tour and Crossing G7 Large-scale Folk Collection Activities also took off here and went deep along the Yellow River for collection and interviews.

In recent years, the Inner Mongolia section of the Yellow River Basin has become one of my country’s important ecological barriers through systematic management. Relying on ecological construction, ecotourism in the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia has also ushered in vigorous development.

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