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Innovative power is booming and intelligent control ensures the cooling and heating of the “14th Winter” venue – China News Service

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The 14th National Winter Games are in full swing, with all events taking place in an orderly manner. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by the organizers is ensuring that the temperature inside the stadium is suitable for both the athletes and the audience.

At the ice hockey arena, for example, the temperature on the ice surface needs to be controlled at around minus 5 degrees Celsius, while the temperature in the auditorium on the second floor should be a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. This presents a complex problem of simultaneously meeting the low temperature requirements of the ice surface and providing a comfortable viewing temperature for the audience.

To address this issue, the leader of the ice hockey venue equipment team of the Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Center, Cui Darui, explained that they have taken relevant measures to ensure precise temperature control. Far-infrared sensors are installed on the ice surface to monitor the temperature in real time, and five ice temperature detectors are placed in the middle of the curling venue to measure the ice bottom and ice surface temperatures.

Furthermore, a remote monitoring and control system has been implemented to intelligently adjust the power of the refrigeration units and regulate the temperature and humidity of the ice surface. This ensures that the ice surface always meets competition standards.

In addition to this, multiple sets of dynamic environmental sensors have been deployed in the venue to capture the temperature in various areas in real time. The data is then aggregated to a temperature adjustment data platform, which independently changes the water temperature and flow rate of the heating units at different locations in the venue based on the current data. This not only ensures that the temperature of each area in the venue meets the standards, but also allows the audience to enjoy the game in a comfortable environment.

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These technological advancements in temperature control have contributed to the smooth and successful running of the 14th National Winter Games, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both the athletes and the audience.

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