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“Insecto”, another reggaeton player explodes against J Balvin

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“Insecto”, another reggaeton player explodes against J Balvin

Although J Balvin He is one of the characters who has stood up for Latin American music in recent years, however, for some reason, he has had several “encounters” with colleagues, many remember the one he had with Residente, but now he is the target of criticism for part of another Puerto Rican.

Well it turns out that the new fight is carried out by Jhayco (Jhay Cortez), known for his hit ‘Holanda’, or collaborations with artists of the stature of Bad Bunny and Kali Uchis from Pereira. It turns out that he spoke out live in which he attacked the Colombian with all his might.

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The Puerto Rican did not go belowcopy” a J Balvin, “He pretends to be the nicest, the best friend of all, but he’s an insect”, “That’s why you’re so dull, you bastard.”“, were some of the comments he made, “You really hate me”he added.

He doesn’t mess with anyone in public, but underwater he plots to hurt you. Don’t be fooled by the mask of good people, it’s a disguise“said the singer, making his contempt for the Antioquian very clear.

Although he is very willing to go against the ‘Mi Gente’ singer, he made it clear that he has nothing against Colombians, because he does not want to give reasons for people to think that there is an enmity between Colombia and Puerto Rico.

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