Home News “Insecurity in La Loma has become uncontrollable”: Mayor

“Insecurity in La Loma has become uncontrollable”: Mayor

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“Insecurity in La Loma has become uncontrollable”: Mayor

The recent alteration of the public order registered in the corregimiento of La Loma de Calenturas, municipality of El Paso, Cesar, and which left a deceased person as a balance, has set off the alarms of the local authorities, who affirm that they are facing a high level of insecurity and a deficit in the strength of the National Police to serve the 25,000 inhabitants in this territory.

The mayor of El Paso, Andry Arag+on, regretted what happened last Tuesday during an attempt to loot a truck loaded with food that, after breaking down on the Troncal del Caribe, was approached by a group of people who tried to loot it.

In the incident, Luis Alfredo Castillejo, 27, died after being shot in the head, presumably by police officers who were trying to restore order in the area.

“The issue of insecurity in La Loma has become uncontrollable, we require an increase in the foot of force to exercise control. The corregimiento has 25,000 inhabitants and very few policemen to attend to public order,” said the municipal president.

He affirmed that after what happened at the crossing to La Loma, the area is guarded by a contingent of 80 police officers who came to reinforce security. “Everything is calm, what happened was a shameful act that is becoming frequent in the Troncal del Caribe and that cannot be allowed, since it keeps the arrival of people away from the township, where hotels and restaurants are their main tools to energize the local economy”.

The mayor calls on the community in general to raise awareness, and parents to pay more attention to the youth, since it is unfortunate to see these unjustifiable criminal acts, even though there is unemployment in the area.

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Similarly, they urge the national government to turn its gaze towards the largest corregimiento in Colombia, such as La Loma de Calenturas, a territory that urgently requires investment at the central level.

Regarding this case, Colonel Luis León, commander of the Police in Cesar, reiterated that the uniformed officers arrived at the scene to try to safeguard the integrity of the truck driver, but a crowd of about 300 people attacked the police officers, leaving one of them injured.

“The police commission was deployed to control the situation and minutes later they report that a person injured by a firearm arrived at the hospital. The facts are matter of investigation,” he said.

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