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Inter-American Court condemns the Colombian State for the extermination of the UP

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Inter-American Court condemns the Colombian State for the extermination of the UP

“Colombia is responsible for the extermination of the Patriotic Union political party,” said the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

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The Inter-American Court of Human Rights declared that the State of Colombia is responsible for the human rights violations committed to the detriment of more than six thousand victims, members and militants of the Patriotic Union (“UP”) political party, beginning in 1984 and for more than twenty years.

The State partially recognized its international responsibility in this case. The Court valued this position, for constituting a positive contribution to the development of the process, to the validity of the principles that inspire the Convention and to the satisfaction of the reparation needs of the victims, it considered that numerous elements remained in controversy regarding the determination of the factual framework, the universe of victims and the violations.

The Court ordered various reparation measures:

  • initiate, promote, reopen and continue, within a period not exceeding two years, and conclude, within a reasonable period of time and with the greatest diligence, the investigations, in order to establish the truth of the facts.
  • conduct a search to determine the whereabouts of the missing victims whose fate is still unknown.
  • Provide medical, psychological, psychiatric or psychosocial treatment to victims who request it.
  • Carry out the publications and dissemination of this Judgment and its official summary.
  • Carry out a public act of recognition of international responsibility
  • Establish a national day in commemoration of the victims of the Patriotic Union.
  • Build a monument in memory of the victims.
  • place plaques in at least five places or public spaces to commemorate the victims.
  • Prepare and disseminate an audiovisual documentary on violence and stigmatization against the Patriotic Union.
  • National campaign in public media with the purpose of raising awareness in Colombian society regarding the violence, persecution and stigmatization to which the leaders, militants, members and relatives of the members of the Patriotic Union were subjected.
  • Hold academic forums in at least five universities.
  • Submit a report to the Court in which the authorities of the Patriotic Union agree on the aspects to be improved.
  • Pay the amounts established in the Judgment for compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.
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