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Interior Minister Faeser (SPD) calls EU asylum agreement “historic”

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Interior Minister Faeser (SPD) calls EU asylum agreement “historic”

The EU has agreed on a new common concept for asylum policy. According to Interior Minister Nancy Faeser from the SPD, this compromise is historic. According to the interior minister, Germany had “negotiated very successfully” and the aim was for all 27 EU countries to take in “humanitarian refugees”.

Interior Minister from Germany praises German negotiations among EU interior ministers

“Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser (SPD) described the agreement between the EU member states on asylum policy as historic. Germany had “negotiated very successfully” in the sense of a “humanitarian refugee admission of all 27 countries,” she told the “ARD-Tagesthemen”.

“We have made sure that the unaccompanied minors do not have to go through the external border procedures.” It is also thanks to Germany that there will be no restrictions on the asylum procedure and that the legal standards will all continue to apply. On the other hand, according to Faeser, Germany was not able to get through on the fact that families with children should be exempted from the border procedure. But this only affects a small proportion of people.

Nevertheless, it hurts a bit, said the SPD politician. Faeser acknowledged that there are problems at the external borders and that “certainly not all human rights standards” are always met in shelters. “That’s why it’s now about collecting these human rights standards and bringing about improvements. We fought hard for these rule of law requirements and we received them today,” said the Interior Minister.

“So these are improvements to the current situation and not deterioration.” Faeser also announced further migration agreements. With the agreement, these would have a greater weight than if individual states negotiated.”

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Report with material from the dts news agency

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