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Invested in a bike in Sedico: a very serious boy

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He was riding a mountain bike when there was a collision with a mini minor at an intersection between 203 and via Fornaci

IF I SAY. An underage boy is hospitalized in a reserved prognosis at the Treviso hospital due to the consequences of an investment that took place today, June 17, 2021, in Sedico. It was about 11.15 am when the crash against the Mini Minor led by a Venetian, VZ 29 years old took place: the minor was riding his bicycle and traveling along via Fornaci in Sedico.

The car was traveling from Sedico towards Mas, along the 203 Agordina: a very violent impact perhaps due to a lack of priority. The boy was thrown a few tens of meters after the violent impact against the windshield and pillar of the car. The carabinieri of S. Giustina are trying to reconstruct the dynamics also on the basis of the testimonies of people who were in the surrounding area. The boy’s conditions immediately appeared serious: he was transferred to the Ca ‘Foncello in Treviso on a reserved prognosis.

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