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Investigation on University recruitment: 33 investigated. There are also Galli and Andreoni

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33 people are investigated in the investigation of the Milan prosecutor’s office on alleged rigged competitions at the university. The suspects include 24 provincial professors from universities in Milan (Statale, Bicocca and Cattolica), Pavia, Turin, Rome and Palermo, including virologists Massimo Galli and Massimo Andreoni. The investigation focuses on alleged irregular registrations and appointments due to an episode of disturbance and false ideology.

Four requests for the delivery of deeds and documents

The Nas of Milan also carried out a series of measures, in particular four requests for the delivery of deeds and documents “with possible search in the event of non-delivery”, nine and inquiries for the delivery of deeds and documents and nine decrees for the presentation of documentation in original, including the acquisition of the contents of the e-mail boxes of 29 personal e-mails from teachers and those e-mails used by them at the universities.


The survey started from the registrations to the State of Milan

The investigation into the alleged rigged university competitions was launched in March 2018, following a report of irregularities in the management of limited enrollments at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the State University of Milan. The Nas of Milan explain it. The survey concerns “more episodes of conditioning the public recruitment of ordinary and associate professors – but also of assistants and hospital managers – according to non-meritocratic criteria, but aimed at favoring specific candidates through the preventive” profiling “of competition notices on chosen to favor, and also thanks to the timely choice of compliant members of the competition commissions ».

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The accusation against Galli: he favored two candidates

Massimo Galli as professor at the University of Milan, “department of biomedical and clinical sciences” al Sacco, and director of the infectious diseases department, would have “disturbed” with “promises and collusions”, in competition with the dg of Asst Fatebenefratelli-Sacco Alessandro Visconti and his colleague Manuela Nebuloni, the procedure for hiring “4 biologist managers” on a fixed-term basis to favor “two candidates” in particular. Assumptions that were, however, “strongly” opposed by Maria Rita Gismondo, also a well-known virologist of the Sacco. It is one of the disputed episodes, as stated in the prosecutor’s decree.

In particular, Galli allegedly rigged the “competition” to favor a winning candidate and committed a forgery as a member of the “selection board” on the report of the “candidate evaluation” on February 14, 2020. He would certify that the “prospectus containing the scores attributed was the result of collegial work “, while it was” agreed “only later. The prosecutors write it.

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