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Iraqi immigrants burn a third Koran in Sweden

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Iraqi immigrants burn a third Koran in Sweden

Iraqi immigrants Salwan Najem and Salwan Momika burned a copy of the Koran again on Monday outside the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. It is the third time that one of them burns or tries to set fire to the holy book of Muslims, reports the local press.

Before proceeding to burn the Koran, Momika kicked it, asserting that Islam’s most important book “must be banned.” Security agents cordoned off the area to prevent clashes between the rioters and their critics, who sang, played music and held up the Koran. About a hundred people, half of them journalists, had gathered in the place.

The burning of the Koran in Sweden has generated a wave of indignation in the Muslim world, which has translated on a political level into Iraq’s decision to withdraw its charge d’affaires in the Nordic country and its demand on the ambassador of this country to leave his territory. with RT

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