Home News Is the CCP tricking Putin?Russia and Ukraine are likely to enter the next round of “bad war” Ukrainian female journalists complained in tears | The next round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine | The CCP sees the wind | Russia invades Ukraine |

Is the CCP tricking Putin?Russia and Ukraine are likely to enter the next round of “bad war” Ukrainian female journalists complained in tears | The next round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine | The CCP sees the wind | Russia invades Ukraine |

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Is the CCP tricking Putin?Russia and Ukraine are likely to enter the next round of “bad war” Ukrainian female journalists complained in tears | The next round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine | The CCP sees the wind | Russia invades Ukraine |

[Voice of Hope, March 1, 2022](Comprehensive report by our reporter Tang Jie)Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has entered its sixth day. After the first round of armistice negotiations on February 28, the delegations of Ukraine and Russia returned to Kyiv and Moscow for further consultations and planned to continue the next round of negotiations. According to reports from Russian media such as TASS and Sputnik, the second round of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia will be held on March 2. Analysis believes that Russia and Ukraine may lead to a larger-scale war in the future.

Expert: Russia-Ukraine war may escalate

Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the chief of staff of the Ukrainian president, said that in the first round of negotiations, Ukraine demanded the withdrawal of all Russian troops, including from the Crimea and Donbas regions occupied in 2014; The conditions are for Ukraine to return to a neutral country and to recognize Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea.

Before that, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had demanded that Russia withdraw its troops immediately.

Regarding the first round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, Zheng Qinmo, director of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Tamkang University, said in an interview with Voice of Hope, “Usually both parties in the first round of negotiations are just testing the water temperature, and the conditions of the negotiations will be adjusted with the development of the war. Usually, At the beginning, both sides set very high conditions for bargaining. For example, both sides have agreed to bring the conditions back to discuss and prepare for the second round of negotiations.”

He speculated: “The next negotiation will depend on the combat situation of the two sides. At present, it can be judged that the West is continuously providing Ukraine with various resources and weapons, and Putin has also sent troops from Belarus to Ukraine, so the war should continue. It will continue for a while. Moreover, Putin has also made a nuclear threat, and the war may escalate. In addition, whether the Western sanctions will work or not depends to a large extent on how much economic assistance China (the CCP) can provide to Russia.”

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Ukraine seeks international aid

Yesterday (Monday), the UN General Assembly held an “emergency special session” where the 193 member states will vote on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations, Sergiy Kyslytsya, called for international aid in a special way late at night on February 28. He read out the last message from a Russian soldier to his mother before he died, describing his fear of war and exposing the inside story that the Russian soldiers thought they were going to exercise but were tricked into firing on the Ukrainian civilians on the front line.

“I just want to hang myself right now,” the soldier wrote. “Mom, I’m in Ukraine, it’s a real war, and I’m afraid we’re bombing all cities together, even against civilians, and we’ve been told they will We were welcomed, but they didn’t, they physically blocked the tanks, didn’t let us through, they called us fascists, mom, it’s so hard.”

Today (March 1) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was asked tearfully by a Ukrainian female reporter at a press conference in Poland why NATO did not want to set up a “no-fly zone”? Because you are afraid, because NATO is afraid, what other way is there to save the women and children in Ukraine who are in fear of missile bombing? She believes that NATO can set up a “no-fly zone” in western Ukraine, at least Ukrainians do not have to flee abroad. She also questioned the UK’s responsibilities in the Budapest Security Memorandum.

According to the “The Australian” report, a French military source said that the Russian army may increase the intensity of air strikes and take other indiscriminate strikes. Several other sources further revealed that after the change in strategy, the Russia’s second wave of attacks is about to take place, and it will be a “real large-scale operation”.

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CNN also quoted two people familiar with the matter as revealing that U.S. officials warned lawmakers in a confidential briefing on February 28 that the second batch of Russian troops might consolidate its position in Ukraine, relying purely on the “number advantage” of its troops. Solve the Ukrainian resistance.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump recently pointed out at the CPAC annual meeting that he is the only U.S. president in recent decades who has not invaded another country during his term in office. He said: “In the Bush administration, Russia invaded Georgia; in the Obama administration, Russia occupied Crimea; in the Biden administration, Russia invaded Ukraine. it’s here.”

Trump stressed that during his administration and leadership, “the world is a peaceful place because America is strong.” “I’m proud to be the first president in decades who didn’t bring our country into any war — I brought you out of war,” he said.

Russia and Ukraine are at war with the CCP playing Putin?

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the CCP has not made a clear statement. Yesterday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova named China as a good friend of Russia.

Zheng Qinmo said that it is not difficult to see from the response of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine yesterday that the Chinese Communist Party has begun to gradually change its course.

He believes: “This should be due to the reversal of the situation in Ukraine and the increased sanctions imposed by the West. China (the Communist Party) is deeply afraid of being subject to secondary sanctions by the West, so its attitude has changed. In addition, the overseas institutions of the Bank of China have also stopped targeting Russia. Financing business.

He also emphasized: “China‘s (communist) diplomacy is not uncommon in history. China (communist) used to be a close ally of Ukraine, and the two sides also signed a number of mutual assistance and friendship agreements, but in order to form an alliance with Russia, China (communist) can tear it apart. For all agreements with Ukraine, China (community) can turn its back on Ukraine today, and of course it may be abandoned by Russia tomorrow. Therefore, signing an agreement with China (community) is of little significance. I hope relevant countries can learn a lesson.

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Recently, an official document from the Ukrainian Consulate General in Shanghai was circulated on Twitter, revealing that many Ukrainians living in China were warned by the CCP police to “shut up” for criticizing Russia online. In desperation, these Ukrainians turned to the Ukrainian embassy in China for help and informed the matter.

The exposed document appears to have been issued by the Ukrainian Consulate General in Shanghai, targeting the government foreign affairs offices in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces. The content pointed out: “The Ukrainian embassy has received a large number of reports from citizens overseas. Ukrainian citizens are being interviewed by the police or in the name of the police… to comment and explain the attitude of Russia’s aggression and the attitude of the Russian leadership.”

The Ukrainian embassy said: “We are deeply concerned and ask you to stop such behaviors. We believe that such behaviors will not help protect civil order and will only cause unnecessary psychological burdens to our citizens.”

In stark contrast to the CCP, two brand-new banners appeared on the exterior wall of the Canadian embassy in China, reading: “We Support Ukraine” and “We are with Ukraine.”

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