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Isabella Rauti (FdI) wins in Sesto San Giovanni: “Historic victory”

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Isabella Rauti (FdI) wins in Sesto San Giovanni: “Historic victory”

The figure reached by the Brothers of Italy is “a historic affirmation”, especially “in a poisoned and aggressive electoral campaign that we have suffered but have not fed. We have not received provocations and offenses ».

Speaking this morning in a press conference is Isabella Rauti, candidate for the Senate for Brothers of Italy, fresh from election after the victory in the single-member constituency of Sesto San Giovanni.

The former Stalingrad of Italy was in the spotlight throughout the electoral campaign not only because it has been led by the center-right for two terms, after a story all on the left, but because to challenge Rauti, daughter of Pino, former secretary of the MSI, there was Emanuele Fiano, candidate for the Democratic Party and son of Nedo, a Holocaust survivor.

Rauti won this election by reaching 45.29% of the vote against the 30.9% collected by his opponent. A clear defeat of the Democratic Party on which Fiano himself entered into the merits: “He lost the Democratic Party for many reasons, but they are all ours, the reasons, and the choices that brought us here, to the worst overall result I remember – writes in a message on Facebook – We faced a majority election essentially alone and it could only end like this. I gave my all as I have always done, in this electoral campaign and in these years, with discipline and honor, and I made errors of evaluation ». Fiano then adds that “If we do not face the mistakes made it will be even worse” and specifies how, despite Rauti’s legitimate victory, “I will not change my judgment on the values ​​you express”.

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For his part, Rauti underlines at the press conference that “offensive and inaccurate things about my family and the story of my father” have been said on several occasions, of which according to the new senator “the story should have been told in full: my father is he was also a European parliamentarian, journalist, writer and party secretary, not an extra-parliamentarian, and he was always acquitted of any accusations that were made against him ». We return several times to the tones of the election campaign in Sesto San Giovanni, also underlining that: “Enrico Letta spoke of Sesto as a clash between good and evil, between two Italies and two civilizations but I let the results speak for themselves” replies Rauti . To the criticism of her lack of participation in the confrontation between the candidates, the newly elected representative of the Brothers of Italy replied that “she did not run away” but that the articles that appeared in the daily newspaper La Repubblica, moderator of the debate, “were a sort of provocation, exploitation and polarization that were not acceptable ». However, she said she was open to a confrontation with Fiano “on the past, present and future, outside the electoral moment” and underlined how her state of mind is not “that of a revenge”. To those who ask her if the figure of abstention, the highest in republican history, can be considered a stain on this victory of the center-right, Rauti replies that “it is a mole and a regret” but adds “we cannot speak of abstentionism only when they comment on the data: it is necessary to make an analysis by age groups and territorial. In any case, it is a fact that we need to think about from the day after the elections, which reveals discontent ».

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Comments on the new internal power relations of the center-right in Lombardy have been postponed for the moment, in view of the regional elections next spring: here there are two fronts. The possible re-nomination of the current governor Attilio Fontana (always supported by the Lega) and the availability to the coalition given by the current vice president of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti: “We have no elements to answer, we will make a series of reflections at the national level and will come he made some decisions that I have no title to anticipate here today »cuts Rauti short. Paola Frassinetti, who was also re-elected in Parliament in the Fdi quota, says something more about the issue: “It is clear that our political weight has changed and therefore in light of this there will be a table I hope soon, because time is not much anymore” , all with a view to a strong candidate who can win the next elections and who “can also be the outgoing governor, whom we have always supported without ever having any problems”.

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