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Ishaq Ahmed Fadlallah writes: Falafel and Fouloul

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Ishaq Ahmed Fadlallah writes: Falafel and Fouloul

Sudani Net:


Poor Uncle Isaac…

And they said that a drunken woman during the days of Awsa, when she was miserable, passed by a chicken, and this one scratched it and wiped the casserole dish with it, and the chicken was crying out from the fire….kaaak..and the drunken woman kept wiping it with it, saying:
Kak or what Kak Yaki fight ..
And Isaac shouts…. kaak
And the lines are an attempt
And the attempt is not to explain what is happening… We conclude that your knowledge of the situation does not lead or answer… And the lines, as we see, are expressive for another purpose.
It’s rubble that seems unrelated…
And about the events and their causes, history said
When Hitler meets that girl, the fate of millions around the world was determined
They said… The story is that Hitler accompanies that girl and gets syphilis from her, and syphilis makes him great, makes war and kills sixty million…
And he is not alone, but they said that had it not been for Macmillan’s wife cheating on him, London would not have entered the war…
And…it is this law of little chance that drives life.


And Sudan is being led now by a media led by the international intelligence…
And the rope by which intelligence leads us is not only ignorance. The rope is that Sudan is what a journalist says:
(The murder of a drunk who tried to assault a bar owner while she was praying)
And Sudan is what he leads
The proof says…
The army does not make coups. Coups are made by civilian politicians…
Sudan is
Minister of Finance..::
If we fail, we will go… If people ask us to go, we will go.
This conversation that the minister is addressing you means that he did not fail and that the people did not ask him to go.
Sudan is
Shameless says:
We bear the failures of Hamdok’s government alone… unjustly.
And the trick in this sentence is its declaration that the burden of Hamdok’s misfortune is not you… Rather, whoever bears the calamity and asks that we regret him is insolent… who is still repelling people without anything befalling her.
Sudan is this…? Just?..
The trick wants to draw your eyes away from the upcoming disaster, so now what is buzzing is an insolent attempt to form a government… a government established by the tripartite…
And Mubarak Al-Fadil draws the atmosphere of this government and the atmosphere of its formation. Mubarak said:
In the meeting, the one sitting on the podium was Volcker’s assistant… his assistant, not him
Mubarak said
And whoever raised his hand to ask permission from it to speak, they were all the others… from proof to even to even
And the meeting of the tire that makes the government
And the government that (is about) to be formed is a government that has some competence
To be rude to appoint the presidency of the state
And the Prime Minister…. and ministers
and setting up a government programme
And the appointment of new judges after the dismissal of the existing ones.
Revocation of judgments that have already been issued
And to be rude to appoint the chief judge
Attorney General and agents
And dismantle all state apparatus
And no one is allowed to review any of this… anything.
And to re-install the army, security, police and naturalization
And to redefine your lineage
It is not a joke that when Lenin’s widow criticized the ruler Stalin, Stalin said
: If this woman does not stop criticizing, the revolution will cancel her title / Lenin’s widow / and appoint another widow for the leader Lenin.
And the whole conversation…. Sudanese photography. And portraying souls, portraying power and its truth, and… all this we drive to ask one question, which is
As long as every side on the earth rides this careless donkey and does with it what it does… why not ride it and do with it what you do?
Yesterday, we say that we are setting up the conversation to start a conversation with the Islamists
And talk (such as chemicals) unless the definition of each substance is known, the result of confusion is a disaster
Those who do not understand are requested to excuse the weakness of our intellect that is unable to understand them.

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