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Israel and Hamas have agreed on basic points for a truce

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Israel and Hamas have agreed on basic points for a truce

Always according to the sources, since Hamas and Israel have not officially commented so far on this information, Israel does not want to make any promise not to invade Rafah, and they added that an agreement is expected to be reached that will come into force by the next Friday, March 8, just before the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

discordant points

Despite the agreement on these basic points, there would be other disagreements that prevent a truce pact from being announced.

The sources assured that different points usually appear each day of the negotiations and, for example, one of the informants indicated that yesterday Hamas requested the return of “families” and not “individuals” to the northern part of the territory.

Likewise, the sources did not detail whether the hostages who would be “released” included captives who had died, and whose bodies are still under the control of the Palestinian factions, or whether they are alive.

They recalled that one of the points of conflict remains the names on the lists, since Hamas cannot provide all the names of the captives since other factions also have them held in Gaza.

One of them is the faction Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) that Egypt – a mediating country with Qatar and the United States has invited people to come to the Egyptian capital for these negotiations that have been taking place for two days in the Arab country, but so far said group has not sent any delegation.

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Israel has not sent any delegation to Cairo either since, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it would only send a team to negotiate in the Egyptian capital if Hamas released the list of hostages still alive since their kidnapping on October 7. , when they took more than 250 people captive.

Hamas raises the number of hostages killed “by Israeli bombings” to 70, although Israel has only confirmed the death of around thirty, of the 130 still inside.

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