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Israel kills Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon – militia retaliates

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Israel kills Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon – militia retaliates

Epoch Times15. February 2024

Hezbollah spoke on Thursday of an “initial response” to the Israeli attacks on the south of Lebanon, in which, according to security sources, several Hezbollah members and civilians were killed, including a commander of the pro-Iranian Shiite militia .

The victims of Wednesday’s attack were commander Ali al-Debs, two other militia soldiers and seven members of a family, Lebanese security circles said on Thursday. Three more civilians were killed in the village of Sawaneh.

The Israeli army said it had killed Hezbollah commander al-Debs along with his deputy and another member in a “precise airstrike” in the southern Lebanese city of Nabatea. According to the military, an Israeli soldier was killed by rocket fire from Lebanon on Wednesday.

Lebanese security circles said that the Hezbollah commander had been targeted and injured in an Israeli drone strike a week earlier. He was ultimately killed in the attack on Wednesday.

Hezbollah said a total of eight of its fighters were killed in Israeli attacks on Wednesday and Thursday.

Since the start of the war between Israel and the radical Islamic Hamas on October 7th, the clashes on the Israeli-Lebanese border have increased massively. Hezbollah, which is allied with Hamas, regularly attacks Israeli army positions. Israel responded by attacking Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. This is fueling fears of further escalation in the region.

According to a count by the AFP news agency, at least 262 people have been killed in southern Lebanon since the Gaza war began. Most of them were members of Hezbollah or other armed groups. But there were also 40 civilians among the victims. According to the army, ten soldiers and six civilians were killed on the Israeli side. (afp)

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