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Israel Warns Gazaties to Follow Its Instructions

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Israel Warns Gazaties to Follow Its Instructions

A few hours after Israel restarted bombing of the Gaza Strip, the Hebrew army published a notice in Arabic on its website. The notice is accompanied by a map in which they have divided the Gaza Strip into hundreds of numbered plots. In the notice, the army requires the Gazan population to follow the security instructions for each plot.

The text of the Hebrew army’s notice mentions that Hamas is using residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields, turning civilian sites into military targets. According to the army, the publication of the map with a list of numbers for Gaza residents is a measure to prevent harm and preserve their lives. The army urges you to pay attention and follow instructions according to the number assigned to each parcel.

The map divided into numbered plots will be used as a guide to know which areas are safer, which are less safe and which must be evacuated in case the ceasefire truce is not renewed. The publication of the map coincides with the exchange of accusations between Israel and Hamas about who is responsible for the lack of agreement. Hamas says Israel has rejected a truce offer without offering further details.

Since hostilities restarted, it is estimated that more than thirty people have died in Gaza due to Israeli attacks. The situation is worrying and has generated a new catastrophe according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Qatar and Egypt are carrying out diplomatic efforts to achieve a ceasefire. The government of Qatar has confirmed that it maintains efforts in this regard, although the bombings make mediation work difficult. Egypt is also seeking to keep the negotiation path open, and the United States is mentioned as leading efforts to implement a new truce.

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The UN fears that the resumption of hostilities will disrupt the entry of humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, since the Rafah border crossing is closed. The organization has regretted the breakdown of the truce and describes the situation as a catastrophe.

In the midst of this context, The New York Times has published a report indicating that Israeli authorities had known about Hamas’ attack plans for at least a year, but discarded them as too complex to execute.

The current situation in the Middle East generates many tensions, and the release of Israeli and Palestinian hostages has contributed to this. There is political pressure in Netanyahu’s coalition to continue with the military maneuvers, even though the goal should be the release of all the hostages alive.

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