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Israeli army has “evacuation plan” for civilians in combat zones

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The Israeli army has proposed an evacuation plan for civilians in combat zones in the Gaza Strip. The services of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the army reported this on Monday.

Source: BELGA

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The war cabinet was also presented with “the upcoming operational plan,” as well as a plan for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv did not provide further details about the plans.

Although negotiations on a ceasefire are ongoing, Netanyahu wants to quickly implement plans for a military offensive in Rafah. That offensive has been heavily criticized internationally, including by Israel’s main ally in Washington.

However, Netanyahu remains determined: he repeats again and again that it is impossible to achieve the goal of the war – the elimination of the radical Palestinian organization Hamas – if four Hamas battalions were to remain in Rafah. Rafah is also the city where more than 1 million Palestinian refugees have sought refuge.

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