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Israel’s targeting of journalists eliminates witnesses who convey the truth

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Israel’s targeting of journalists eliminates witnesses who convey the truth

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Abdullah Al-Bakali, President of the National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press, and Deputy of the Union of Arab Journalists, condemned the systematic attacks by the barbaric Zionist aggression against press crews and their families in the Gaza Strip, and the brutal killings carried out by it, through clear “targeting and revenge” operations against voices that convey the truth. The catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, in blatant violation of international conventions and norms that protect war journalists from any violation or harm to their physical and psychological safety and that of their families while practicing the noble profession.

Al-Baqali confirmed in a statement to Hespress newspaper that the targeting of journalists and their families by the occupation forces in the war on Gaza is “not a new practice,” pointing out that the reason for this targeting is “to eliminate witnesses who convey the truth.”

The head of the National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press said that the Israeli occupation’s targeting of “the homes and families of journalists, like the case of our colleague Al-Dahdouh, is not the first, as there are three cases in which their family members were assassinated.”

He added that there is “a very large media fallacy in which major Western media outlets collude with the Israeli occupation, create false news, bad plays and dramas, distort the facts and cover up reality.”

He continued, saying: “This type of Western media is not targeted by the Israeli occupation forces, and there is blatant complicity with it, and these channels have proven that they are merely tools for implementing the foreign policies of their governments,” stressing that targeting a sample of Palestinian, Arab and Muslim journalists “is part of the war and the great aggression against Gaza with complicity.” With global imperialism.”

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Al-Baqali expressed the Moroccan National Syndicate’s condemnation of “the Israeli occupation forces’ targeting of journalists and their families, and we demand the opening of an international investigation into these crimes in order to hold those involved in them accountable,” noting that these crimes coincide with the announcement of the results of the international investigation committee into “the assassination of the martyr journalist Sherine.” Abu Aqla, who confirmed that the killer is an Israeli soldier, and we demand that there be no impunity and that the necessary penalties be arranged for these rejected crimes.”

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