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Issogne, a teacher arrives by bike and reads fairy tales in the courtyard

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The original idea of ​​a teacher at the preschool in Antagnod. Sara Collé, 29, carries out the activity for free: “Happy children, I’m happy”

ISSOGNE. It is a broken sociality that children have been experiencing for more than a year now. The pandemic has also revolutionized their lives, canceling birthday parties, group games and many occasions for conviviality. To break that far from natural isolation that many children live outside the classroom, the idea that came to a young teacher from Issogne is commendable, and has already contributed to giving the first smiles. Sara Collé, 29, a teacher at the preschool in Antagnod, every Saturday rides a somewhat special bike and moves to the streets of Issogne, where she lives, to read fairy tales to the children in the gardens of their homes. An idea that has its strength in its simplicity and that Sara baptized “A book under the balcony, readings in the courtyard”.

The initiative, carried out entirely on a voluntary basis and free of charge, started last Saturday and will continue on every Saturday afternoon in May. There is no lack of requests. «The first experience went very well, I’m happy – says Sara Collé -. The children of the first family who had booked were waiting for me in the garden, where I normally carry out this activity in compliance with the distancing measures, and they were enthusiastic ».

The time to prepare the material that Sara brings with her and the magic begins. “I bring with me a practical wooden suitcase-size theater that has its origins in Japan, a structure that opens and in which I insert illustrated tables that the children see scrolling while I tell them the story”.

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The kamishibai (so they are called in Japanese, literally paper theatrical performances, ed) were once used for the sale of sweets and, to attract the attention of children upon their arrival, they proposed animated stories.

«I have never done theater but the idea came to me also listening to the experience gained from structured theater companies», says Sara. The readings are aimed at children from 3 to 6 years old. Sara opens her entertainment by proposing a story that she dramatizes with the help of some objects, then it is the little ones who choose the fairy tale they like best: “These are classic stories that the children can then reread if they want to, requesting them from the library that they like. he offered his support in my initiative. In fact, the idea is also to bring children closer to reading and the library ». Saturday afternoons with Sara Collé’s special readings continue on May 15th, 22nd and 29th. To book, simply contact her on her social pages, Facebook and Instagram. And the magic of books will arrive at home, aboard a colorful bicycle with Sara’s smile. –

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