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It is worrying that 5,600 Caucano students are yet to enroll – news

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It is worrying that 5,600 Caucano students are yet to enroll – news

There is availability of teachers, who are seeking to relocate to different positions.

The departmental government, in order to guarantee the right to education in Cauca, announced, through a dialogue table, one of the main reasons why it has not been possible to link teachers in different sectors, giving as As a result, there is still a significant number of students yet to enroll in Educational Institutions; additionally, many teachers have not been allowed to get to their places or the communities do not receive them.

For her part, Sister Inés Larrahondo Carabalí, Secretary of Education and Culture of the department, indicated that, although as an entity the right of communities to demonstrate is recognized, it is necessary to review the way in which they act. “At this moment we are approximately 6,000 students below the previous year’s enrollment, which means that there are teachers available in different institutions.”

The lack of students enrolled in Cauca is generating availability of teachers to be relocated to educational institutions that require them, due to the criteria and procedures to organize the teaching and administrative staff established by the Ministry of National Education. Likewise, there are teachers who, since they do not have an academic load, must be transferred to the establishments that require it, generating discontent in the educational community that does not want to lose their teaching position.

The Government of Cauca urges parents and guardians to carry out the registration process, in order to contribute not only to the training of the child population, but also to identify the needs of teachers in each school, in accordance with the technical rate. defined by the Ministry of National Education.

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The fact that children and young people from Cauca are not enrolling cannot be taken lightly, especially in a department like this one, taken over by groups outside the Law. It is the duty of the sectional Government to investigate what is happening and take correctives.

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