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It was born in the pitch of the Silea bar: “So much emotion for Jacopo”

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The birth in front of the “First stop” with the help of the owner Domenico Falcone and the staff of Suem. Dad and mom were on their way to Ca ‘Foncello

SILEA. It was just over half an hour before closing time when a car parked right in front of the entrance to his bar asking for help: “I went out and helped little Jacopo to be born.” The good news comes from Silea and precisely from the “Prima Sosta” bar along the Treviso-Mare road near the San Marco Petroli service station and near the border with the municipality of Roncade. It was 7.50 pm on Friday evening and after a few minutes little Jacopo was born. The parents, residing in Roncade, were on their way to the Treviso hospital for the birth, but they had to “burn time”.

To tell this episode is the manager of the restaurant, Domenico Falcone, who took over the diner for about four months. «It was beautiful», he says, «it was an immense joy. Everything went well and I’m happy for the two parents ».

While the couple let themselves be driven live by the Suem 118 operators, Mr. Falcone gave extra support and encouragement: «It all happened in a few minutes», he explains, «I saw the car asking for help and I got out. Little Jacopo was born in the arms of his father, it was he who gave him birth. I brought fresh clothes for the mother, held her hand and told her to be quiet. Immediately after, the doctors and nurses from Suem arrived and they were very good, it was an incredible emotion ».

Yesterday, the news of this “lucky birth” made the rounds of social networks, arousing immediate reactions: many congratulations and even some puns. «First stop in life for Jacopo», someone joked. Events like Friday night are undoubtedly exceptional but not as rare as one might think. A similar episode, in fact, took place a few months ago, at the beginning of last April, also along the Terraglio. Even in that case the place chosen to come into the world was a distributor, that of the IP in the locality of Frescada: from the first contractions to the moment of birth, everything happened in a few minutes. The telephone support of SUEM staff and doctors was fundamental in both cases.

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