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Italia Viva: “If it hadn’t been for Renzi, Schlein would never have been elected”

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Italia Viva: “If it hadn’t been for Renzi, Schlein would never have been elected”

«If it hadn’t been for Renzi and his 40% in the 2014 European Championships, Schlein would never have been elected. If it hadn’t been for the scrapping, she would never have been a candidate. Then everyone makes the choices he wants. But the historical truth is that without Renzi Elly would never have been elected». She writes it on Twitter Francis Bonifazi, deputy of Italia Viva. Apart from this twitter and that of the Northern League Calderoli, there is a chorus of positive reactions to Elly Schlein’s candidacy for the secretariat of the Democratic Party. Starting with a good portion of party comrades: «I agree with a large part of Elly Schlein’s speech today in her appointment at the Monk. The Democratic Party needs a strong discontinuity that cannot occur without a clear and true change in the ruling class and selection methods. Well the appeal made by Elly to join the path as people and as ideas and not as currents. The proposal to continue the constituent phase after the primaries in a true and profound way, open to the people, is good”. The deputy Pd, Roberto Morassut, declares it in a note.

“Thanks to Elly Schlein for the good luck message she sent me this morning,” she says Pierfrancesco Majorino -. She has been a great friend to me for a long time and I gladly reciprocate. I publicly renew what I expressed to you yesterday. Closeness and solidarity for the horrific act of which she was the victim of her sister and her family in Athens. And I’m sorry you ended up under protection. Thanks to Elly go to all the friends from all over Italy who have been sending me encouragement for the Lombard challenge since yesterday”. «Today more than ever – she adds – I say: we can do it. Yesterday I outlined part of our great team’s schedule. We are writing this together with coalition forces. Mine is and will be a choral campaign, we will be positively obsessed with an idea: the one that needs to change in Lombardy».

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Elly Schlein launches the race for the Pd secretariat: “There will be no Schleinians, we are a wave”


It was said of Calderoli’s irritation that to the criticisms of Schlein’s proposal for regional autonomy he replies quickly and in tone: «The candidate for secretary of the Democratic Party, Elle Schlein, is very free to define the proposal for regional autonomy on which we are working as “inadmissible”, collecting contributions from all the Regions.However, I take the liberty of pointing out to Elly Schlein that at least a little coherence would not hurt: until 40 days ago, Schlein was the vice president of the Emilia Romagna Region, she has been since January 2020, therefore for almost three years, and in this long period Emilia Romagna, moreover liaising with two different national governments, has carried forward its request to have 15 subjects to be managed autonomously as illustrated on a special page of the official website of the Region”. Robert CalderoliMinister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies.

«Lots and lots today with Elly Schlein. Progressive, ecologist and feminist; with the fight against inequalities, decent work and the protection of the rights of all at the center. This is the party we want. To do this, you need to participate in the Constituent Congress of the Democratic Party”. She writes it on social media Laura Boldrini, Democratic Party MP.

Very satisfied Marina Sereni, of the Pd, who writes on Twitter: «I listened to the speech with which Elly Schlein was a candidate for the national secretariat of the Pd. Social and environmental justice, decent work, welfare, grassroots participation and innovation. Finally a breath of fresh air that the Democratic Party badly needs!

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