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It’s official! Luis José Villa says goodbye to Beto Zabaleta’s group

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It’s official!  Luis José Villa says goodbye to Beto Zabaleta’s group

As was rumored a few weeks ago, this Thursday Accordion player Luis José Villa announced his departure from Beto Zabaleta’s group after almost ten years working alongside the vallenato singer.

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In a press release published on his social networks, the musician explained that he informed the singer of his decision in advance and that he would only accompany him until the Barranquilla Carnivals ended.

Today I am addressing all of you in order to inform you that several days ago, voluntarily, in advance and very respectfully I expressed to teacher Beto Zabaleta with whom I am very grateful, that I made the decision not to continue being part of his group. and that I would only be accompanying him until the carnival presentations”the statement reads.

The accordion player assured that alongside Beto Zabaleta he learned a lot and strengthened his character and musical career, acquiring more discipline and commitment.

Once the agreed commitments have been fulfilled, I want to first thank God for having given me this life experience with which I learned many things that made me strengthen my character and enriched me as a professional and as a person. To teacher Beto Zabaleta, I thank you a thousand times for your appreciation, for having given me the opportunity, for believing in me and my talent. which I performed with great commitment, discipline and to which I put my soul”he added.

Luis José Villa also said goodbye to his teammates and thanked God and his family for always accompanying him.

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And after God, the most important thing, my family, my wife and my daughter; for being my support, his love, accompanying me along the way and motivating me every day.
Thank you to all my followers who, with their multiple displays of affection They have made me see that I have managed to reach each of their hearts
”, he concluded.

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Beto Zabaleta and Luis José Villa worked together for nearly a decade. They recorded the albums ‘My life, my story and my song’, ‘Next to you’, ‘Live from Moy’s to the street 2020’ and the single ‘I surrender majesty’, among others.

The name of Beto Zabaleta’s possible new accordion player is still unknown. It is presumed that he could join Goyo Oviedo again.

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