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Ivrea. Already 200 adhesions to the petition after the Council’s refusal to say yes to the anti-fascist registry

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The refusal of the Ivrea city council to join the anti-fascist registry continues to agitate civil society and Ivrea politics. A few hours after the launch of the campaign “The city does not register? Let’s sign up! ” from the Civic Laboratory, the petition collected nearly 200 signatures. “This response confirms the profoundly anti-fascist character of Ivrea and suggests that reaffirming the values ​​that underpin our Constitution is never a useless redundancy”. To be included among the subscribers of the petition just send an email to laboratory.civico.ivrea@gmail.it The collection of signatures will continue until 25 April.

Many voices have been raised against the decision taken by the Ivrea Council. Among these, that of the Democratic Forum of Canavese: «This act is a concrete expression of the political and cultural nature of the current administration. We must therefore remember that the returning fascism is not only what is expressed with slogans, with mythology, with folklore, but it is what, by now, guides much of political thought. It is the culture of “us first”, of nationalisms, of the denial of civil rights, of the trivialization of complexity, of muscular solutions against those which are the tiring fruit of thought. This is the enemy to beat, with the strength of a renewed political project, with proposals, objectives and actions that are able to respond according to the values ​​of reason and democracy to the challenges of modernity and complexity ».

Italia Viva speaks of a liberal vocation in the city betrayed by the Council’s decision. “We are thrilled by this lack of responsibility on the part of the city institutions and, above all – explain Paolo Cominetto, Marilina Paduano and Paolo Bertolino – we are incredulous at the words of the mayor Sertoli, who literally affirmed the” no need to reiterate concepts which are already expressed in the Constitution “. Needless to say, we do not agree with this vision and that today we feel even more the need to affirm these primary values ​​which are the cornerstone on which democracies and Western liberal thought are founded. Therefore, we welcome the appeal of the Civic Laboratory of Ivrea, inviting all citizens, political and cultural associations, to sign up privately to the Stazzema Charter ».

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“No surprise at the rejection by the center-right majority of Ivrea of ​​the anti-fascist motion – comments Cadigia Perini, secretary of the Circolo Prc-Se of Ivrea -. It is only a confirmation of the reality that only the mayor Sertoli does not want to accept: that of Ivrea is a right-wing administration strongly conditioned by the League, and therefore far from the cultural and social values ​​of democracy, equality, anti-fascism rooted in our city, but evidently not represented in the local institution. A very serious fact, also remembering the partisans and partisans of our territory who fought, and gave their lives, for our freedom ». –

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