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Ivrea, at Cri a means of transport for the disabled

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Projects of the Heart also arrive in Ivrea by equipping the Red Cross with a Fiat Doblò which will guarantee free social transport to children, the disabled, the elderly and families in difficulty in our city. The initiative, promoted by the honorary president of the benefit company Progetti del Cuore, Annalisa Minetti, singer and Paralympic athlete, promotes collaboration between the public and private sectors for the purchase of vehicles to be transformed and used for the transport of citizens.

The free mobility service will allow you to have the vehicle active on the town, fully equipped and guaranteed: from setting up to managing expenses (such as insurance including kasko coverage).

Croce Rossa, which has been collaborating for some time with the Municipality and the Ivrea hospital, will thus be able to manage the movements of the many children, the elderly and the disabled who need assistance every day for transport services, continuing to take care, as it does for years now, of those who have difficulties in moving. «Red Cross Ivrea, thanks to this will be able to provide new essential services throughout the Ivrea territory – explains the president Andrea Maccioni. Even today there are elderly or disabled people who call to request daily assistance services: such as home delivery of foodstuffs, or for health or social accompaniments, from transport to school facilities up to family lunches at Christmas. Every year, as the Red Cross, we deliver over 5,000 services to the population in the area ».

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For this reason, even following the months of pandemic that have just passed, citizens continue to have the Red Cross as a reference point for their assistance and thanks to the arrival of this new vehicle they will be able to use an additional tool.

“My personal experience – says Annalisa Minetti – has made me particularly sensitive to all the initiatives with which we try to improve the lives of disabled citizens, to the point of having guided me towards Projects of the Heart such as the one that is being carried out in Ivrea territory. The vocation of this initiative is to contribute to solving the problem, increasingly pressing for the public administration and for voluntary associations, of the allocation of funds for the purchase of vehicles to be used for the transport of citizens with disabilities or reduced mobility. “.

It will be thanks to the participation of local activities that the existence of this service can be guaranteed. Companies will be able to transfer the added value of this noble service to their brand, receiving in return a sure recognition from the community. In these days Progetti del Cuore will take care of informing the owners of the economic activities about the characteristics of the initiative.

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