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Ivrea, Ballurio accused of negligent injuries. Preemptive Defense is on Facebook

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In the classroom for the injury of a worker in 2014. A long post on social media to explain his position

IVREA. Former Deputy Mayor Elisabetta Ballurio Teit on trial for negligent injuries. The trial of the 48-year-old, defended by the lawyer Luca Fiore, began Wednesday morning at the Ivrea court. According to the prosecution, the defendant in his capacity as employer and legal representative of the company Elementi srl would have failed to prepare the safety plan, to adopt the risk assessment plan and all the necessary precautions to avoid an accident that occurred. during an inspection by one of his workers in Castellamonte, in a house in the Fillia hamlet.

The facts date back to September seven years ago, when a 36-year-old worker was commissioned to go to the house where solar panels had previously been installed. It appears that during the installation operation some roof tiles had been moved and needed to be restored. While the worker was in the attic for the inspection, however, he gave up the thin layer of covering the floor, as the same was without a slab and could not bear the weight of the man. The worker plunged from below a fall of three meters, causing a fracture in his right elbow and a sprained ankle, injuries judged to be curable in 85 days.

Upon hearing the news that the articles would come out the next day, Ballurio decided to provide his version of the facts in advance on his Facebook profile: “I am undergoing a criminal trial for the injury that a worker, of the plant company of which I was the employer of work, he had in 2014 during an inspection in the attic of a house. The owner had not warned us that an area of ​​the attic floor was fake, that is, it had been placed only to keep the cold from going downstairs, but that it was not walkable because it had no slab ». The owner is currently not involved in the procedure. «During the inspection – continues Ballurio – the worker went to that area that was not distinguishable from the rest and the owner’s scream was not enough, and only at that moment became aware of the trap towards which he was going, to stop him. The worker fell downstairs because the slabless flooring did not support him. Good luck was merciful and luckily he suffered a fractured ankle with a prognosis of 85 days. Anyone could have fallen into it, even me. ‘ Then, the preventive thrust towards the newspapers: «I don’t know how the news will come out, because since I was a public figure, it is more than good news. However, the events that have occurred are the ones reported ».

In the comments, then, she writes that she has not been contacted to provide her version of the facts. The Sentinel, in addition to reporting his version, he had also already heard his lawyer Luca Fiore: “We have deposited the list of witnesses and the technical documentation useful for the trial, which has been postponed to October 26 to hear the first testimonies”. For Elisabetta Ballurio Teit this is another judicial “tile” in a few days. Last week, the Council of State had rejected her appeal against the provision by which the mayor Stefano Sertoli in March 2020 had withdrawn her proxies and the office of deputy mayor and councilor.

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