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Ivrea Carnival, “Ceratti was invited to the Arduini dinner but did not want to be there”

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The dinner at the end of the Arduini Carnival in 2019 with the Mugnaia Federica Ranieri

The board replies to the statements of the General 2019 and 2020


He rejects the label of “divisive” but it is clear that Vincenzo Ceratti is often the origin, contributing cause or victim of carnival polemics. The latest quarrel is with the Arduini team who issued a statement for “some clarifications to dispel any mystification of the reality of the facts”. Subject, the closing dinner of the 2019 Carnival, about which Ceratti (on the sidelines of the controversy over his failure to invite the Order of the Miller’s Dinner a few weeks ago) had declared: “If I didn’t go to the Arduini dinner, it’s because I had not been invited. In the leaflets that went around the city there was only the name of the Mugnaia. I couldn’t go to a dinner without being invited. ‘

In reality, argues the president of the Arduini Silvio Lesca, things would have gone differently: «Our tradition has it that all the characters of the historical part are invited to the dinner of the Golden Scorpions and this is also the case in 2019. No posters or flyers are posted because it is an internal team event ». The invitation to Ceratti, the team management underlines, «It was done, as for the others, through the relative employees. Unlike the other characters who confirmed their participation in close circles, Ceratti two days before the dinner took place, he had not yet sent his answer and through one of his helpers we only knew the day before, because he was contacted by us , who would not have come. ‘ And so, when a post was created to remember the upcoming dinner, still not having the confirmation, Ceratti was not mentioned. The presence of the Mugnaia was therefore announced without specifying whether she would be accompanied. The Arduinis today throw it on irony: «We would not have wanted to write“ perhaps accompanied by the Lord General, if only he would deign to tell us if he is coming or not ”». The 2019 dinner thus took place with the Mugnaia Federica Ranieri Grijuela and the other characters, but the controversy embers of the Carnival have always smoldered under the ashes much longer than those of the Scarli. –


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