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Ivrea, Chivasso and Volpiano: anti-smog measures in force

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The measures for limiting emissions with the consequent provisions concerning road traffic come into force on September 15th, and will remain so until April 15th.

In recent days, the Metropolitan City has sent to the Municipalities the update of the trade union ordinance scheme drawn up according to the indications that emerged in the last meeting of the Coordination Table

of air quality, and in compliance with the provisions contained in the resolution of the regional council no. 26-3694 of 6 August 2021.

The Sentinel of Wednesday 15 September in a minute

The Municipalities of Alpignano, Avigliana,

Baldissero Torinese, Beinasco, Borgaro Torinese, Cambiano, Candiolo, Carignano, Carmagnola, Caselle Torinese, Chieri, Chivasso, Ciriè, Collegno, Druento, Giaveno, Grugliasco, Ivrea, La Loggia, Leinì, Mappano, Moncalieri, Nichelino, Orbassano, Pecetto Torinese , Pianezza, Pinerolo, Pino Torinese, Piobesi Torinese, Piossasco, Poirino, Rivalta di Torino, Rivarolo Canavese, Rivoli, San Maurizio Canavese, San Mauro

Turin, Santena, Settimo Torinese, Turin, Trofarello, Venaria Reale, Vinovo, Volpiano, as well as the Piedmont Region, Arpa Piemonte, Anci Piemonte

and Piedmontese Mobility Agency.

The Table has decided to simplify, as far as possible, the ordinances currently in force mainly through a standardization of the blocking times to a single interval, between 8.00 and 19.00, and to proceed with a reduction of the exemptions. In this way, an attempt is made to ensure greater effectiveness of the measures, as the longer time limit allows for more effective containment of i

traffic peaks that are normally measured in the early morning (from 7 to 9) and late afternoon (from 17 to 19) and the related emissions and, through the uniformity of timetables, greater communication simplicity.

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With the ordinance the mayors invite the population to use the car as little as possible for urban mobility and to favor the use of other means of transport with low environmental impact. In addition, citizens are invited to manage the heating systems so that the

room temperature does not exceed 20 degrees, as required by current legislation.

But, as mentioned, in addition to the measures related to vehicular traffic, there is also the obligation to use A1 certified pellets and the prohibition of burning plant material.

If the antismog traffic light is switched on, the prohibitions will then be activated for the use of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces not able to comply with the emission values ​​for the five-star class and to light fires in the open. The same applies to the spreading of livestock sewage, manure and

similar materials, the prohibition of distribution of

fertilizers, soil improvers and corrective products containing nitrogen.

On the Metropolitan City website at the page

http://www.cittametropolitan.torino.it/cms/ambiente/qualita-aria/blocchi-traffic updates on general information will be available in

about the limitations, on the level of the traffic light (from the first level alert with orange color, up to the second level alert with red color), in addition to the summary diagram of the limitations to vehicular traffic and the map of the territory subject to road restrictions not affected by the same limitations and stalls for all municipalities affected by the traffic block with the relative ordinances.

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