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Ivrea, disabled pass used abusively, the local police denounce three crafty men

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“A worrying growth phenomenon that is difficult to track down” Parking bans on the other hand decrease, but the case of Dialysis remains

IVREA. Parking spaces reserved for the disabled and crafty, this is what happens in Ivrea: if on the one hand the occupation of the stalls by those who do not have the right (without a pass) remains a phenomenon under control (out of 70 reserved stalls present in the city – 70 out of a total of 3 thousand between blue and white stripes – “only” 14 sanctions have been imposed since January for prohibition of parking), it is the abusive use of the pass that has become the subject of increasingly accurate investigations that often make use of reports. Why this phenomenon is more widespread than you think, they explain from the command of the town square. In this sense, the local police of Ivrea filed three criminal complaints against people not from Ivrea who used the pass of their disabled relative, without having it on board. A ploy with which they freely accessed the parking spaces reserved for the handicapped or passed quietly in the limited traffic area, displaying a badge not theirs which by law has the one and only goal of facilitating travel for those who have difficulty walking, certainly not to become a pass for the benefit of family and friends. But be careful to think that you are smarter than others.

the walls have eyes

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«We notice an increase in this phenomenon, devious and unspeakable because it takes away the possibility of those who have real problems – says commander Paolo Molinario -. We also realize this from the reports we receive from citizens, never as in this case decisive for getting to the bottom of it. And there are many. The classic situation is to ask for an account of the legitimacy of the use of the pass and to be told that a certain reserved parking space is being occupied “because I had to accompany my grandmother” there or there. At this point, the stalking become fundamental, sometimes the video material. In short, it is not easy to find the smart ones. However, three were reported. May it serve as a warning ».

The badge for the disabled is the authorization issued by the local police command, at the request of the interested parties, which allows people with significantly reduced walking ability to stop with the vehicle that transports them, notwithstanding some prohibitions, and to benefit from a series of facilitations for circulation.

The badge is strictly personal, it is not tied to a specific vehicle and can only be used by the holder and in his presence. Here is the point.

By displaying it, and in the presence of the disabled, parking is allowed in the special spaces reserved for the handicapped, in the fixed-term parking areas without time limitations and also in the areas of no or limited parking, as long as this does not constitute an obstacle to circulation .

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The great collaboration of citizens, “I think it can be traced back to a greater sensitivity to this issue” to which the campaign launched years ago by the Municipality (it was 2012) probably contributed, with explicit signs placed near the reserved parking spaces (“Do you want my place? Take my handicap “). That year there were more than 100 penalties for parking bans against people without a title (they occupied yellow stalls without displaying the pass), today there are 14 in nine months. For them a report of 87 euros and two points less on their driving license. The point is when the pass is placed on the dashboard but has been used for journeys that have nothing to do with the entitled person.

the dialysis area

Another problem in via Amedeo di Castellamonte, where from January to today 71 motorists were sanctioned because they occupied the stalls reserved for dialysis patients, more than the 70 fined for the same reason in 2020, from January to December. On the right side there are about ten parking lots that can only be used by dialysis patients who arrive by ambulance or private vehicles equipped with a specific badge always issued by the local police. In reality it often happens that it is not the sick who occupy them.

“We do our best and check, people keep telling us what they see as they do, let’s see if we can solve the problem in this way.”

first two pink car parks (for a fee)

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Finally, news for the municipal area are the two pink stalls that have recently appeared in Piazza Credenza on input from Ivrea car parks and the Municipality. They can be used by pregnant women or mothers and fathers with children up to 2 years. However, they remain on payment, do not require a pass and therefore any illegal occupation of them is not punishable.

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