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Ivrea, gangway on the Dora again battered: slalom between broken and boarded axes

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Cafarelli: “We can intervene in no time, an internally managed service to reduce times and contain costs”

IVREA. Pay attention to where you put your feet as you walk the footbridge over the Dora. Right now it is best to avoid being distracted by the Ferris wheel or the riverside in autumn dress. In fact, you risk stumbling between the boarded boards which with their angles raised from the floor level make the path treacherous (something that has happened in these parts at least once a year for almost ten years).

We are on the 130-meter suspension bridge that since 2013 has connected the Rondolino area to the former Montefibre. In front there is winter number nine of this which is the wooden work created at the time of the Della Pepa administration as a strategic cycle-pedestrian connection and place of aggregation and leisure time (it was inaugurated in October 2013, three and a half million the investment). The gangway, in this sense, is liked and works, but the wooden planks (the African Iroko, to be precise) require systematic checks and interventions if the goal is to keep them in perfect condition. Now it is clear that there is a lot of room for improvement. The wooden deck has several broken planks, some are boarded up, others appear to be unscrewed with the ends turned upwards (and this is where you fall if you look around). Unavoidable, according to the Councilor for Maintenance Michele Cafarelli. “The walkway is beautiful and works – says Cafarelli – it would not have given the same good effect if they had used ecological wood at the time, but this means having to deal with the consequences of humidity and bad weather. River”.

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Nothing anomalous, according to Cafarelli (although there were several criticisms in the Council at the time on the advisability of using wood by the opposition, starting with ViviamoIvrea with Francesco Comotto). Maintenance, it was said. And it is in this sense that Cafarelli promises interventions in a very short time. «We have the possibility to intervene overnight – he explains – having decided to manage it ourselves, at the municipal level, the maintenance service of the walkway. No external assignments, with an increase in costs and determination that lengthen the times. We check periodically, and the reports from this point of view help. Some time ago we bought a certain number of boards. When there are some to be replaced, we replace them, if there are recoverable ones we proceed by fixing them to the deck ».

Last year, around this time, a social protest on the broken axes had started. And the substitutions had been quick (but yes, social protests accelerate). Going back in time we go to the year following the inauguration. About fifty boards replaced in 2014, 180 in 2015, while in 2017 the then municipal administration had allocated 12 thousand euros to replace some boards damaged not only by bad weather but also by vandalism. Also at the time, the Municipality had drawn up a three-year ordinary maintenance plan.

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