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Ivrea, in Aeg the lessons to the five Ciac students for coat installers

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A fake building set up in the Via dei Cappuccini headquarters for the practical test. In December a new course open to companies and individuals


Bonuses related to construction have pushed all the works related to the energy requalification of buildings. And, as a result, the need for timely training has also arisen. Aeg coop hosted in its headquarters in via dei Cappuccini a course held by Ciac aimed at obtaining the qualification of coat installer (etics-Uni 11716) more easily known as a license for the laying of thermal coats.

The “external insulation” system is a kit of components with the CE mark for the construction of an external cladding with insulating panels for which the manufacturer guarantees certain performances, which are maintained following installation only if the installer operates in compliance with precise technical prescriptions . The certification of the profession of coat installer aims to verify the knowledge of these indications and the ability to put them into practice. At the same time, the professional qualification offers the customer a guarantee on the correct installation intervention and the maintenance of the performances declared by the manufacturer and an opportunity for the professional to demonstrate his skills before entrusting the work.

Ciac, in organizing the course, needed ample space for rehearsals. And so the collaboration with Aeg was born. The 5 students, all promoted, operate or will in fact operate on construction sites supervised by Aeg plus, the latest born in the Aeg coop house precisely to redevelop the building stock in terms of energy saving. The students therefore work on the Aeg plus sites through companies hired by the company.

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The theoretical training was conducted in the Liore room of Aeg coop while the technical test took place outside, in the employee parking lot where a fake building was set up necessary to verify the application of the coat by the students. A second training session is expected in December. The course is open to companies that want to train their staff or to individual workers who wish to access certification.

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