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Ivrea. Inefficiencies and skipped bus rides: “We need new vehicles and personnel”

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The malaise of GTT drivers: “We are embittered because we believe in the importance of our work”


Problems on line 1 and line 3. Disruptions between Bollengo and San Bernardo, Borgofranco and Pavone. We are talking about Wednesday, but it could also be another day because the reports of inefficiencies are almost daily. Since school began on 13 September, inconveniences have been reported every day on the bus lines that take the children home after school. Not to mention Sunday 19 September, the first holiday after the return of the school timetable, when the 10.02 bus from Cuorgnè was not seen and at 16 the bus of line 1 that leaves from San Bernardo disappeared from circulation. Persistent in reporting the inefficiencies of GTT is now like repeating things a thousand and a thousand times until they lose their meaning.

The first to be burned by the inefficiencies are those who find themselves waiting for a bus that does not pass or not being able to get on because, when it finally arrives, it is stormed. But they are not alone. In turn, the drivers themselves feel victims of inefficiencies. There is a malaise that winds among those who drive buses for the most part old, always broken or with spies of all kinds that light up continuously and force them to return to the base or not to leave at all. There is discomfort because practically all of them live in the area and at the stops waiting for the bus that never arrives there could be a child of theirs, a neighbor. And there is frustration because, in recent years, the drivers themselves have seen a service progressively impoverish without being able to do anything except, through the trade unions, denounce a chronic lack of means, personnel, organization, lack of attention to the specificities of the territory. , lack of coordination.

A few numbers? In 2012, for example, the Gtt workshop in Ivrea had 12 employees. Today there are two. The buses that from Turin allocate to the territory to increase the fleet are not new and, when there are breakdowns, they must be taken to the workshop in the Gerbido area (Turin) because each type of bus has its spare parts and that of Ivrea, left without staff, does what it can. Between Ivrea and Pont, just to continue to do the math, the drivers are just over 70 and there would be work for another eight. There are those who remember how, less than ten years ago, a single skipped race made the news and now the bus that skips stops almost finds it hard to pierce the wall of indifference.

The greatest bitterness for drivers is linked to experiencing the disenchantment of users who gradually stop considering the local public transport service as an effective way to get around. Yet no one is going to give up because there are areas where local public transport is efficient, innovative, experiments with models and brings cash into the cashier. Why can’t it be like that here too? In 2019 the union had made public its own analysis which highlighted how the average age of the Ivrea vehicle fleet was 18 and a half years with the absolutely unenviable record of be among the oldest in Piedmont. But the goal wasn’t to complain. It was the premise for proposing a relaunch: applying to make the Ivrea conurbation (18 municipalities) the first zero-emission area of ​​local public transport.

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