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Ivrea, large swarm of bees in the center, traffic blocked

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In the late afternoon a large swarm appeared in Corso Botta, the municipal police intervened

In the late afternoon of Friday 2 April, in Corso Botta in Ivrea, a large swarm of bees appeared which attracted the attention of the people who were passing along the road at that time. Numerous calls went to the municipal police switchboard to alert the officers. Shortly thereafter, the insects moved to Piazza Balla.

Ivrea, a swarm of bees between Piazza Balla and Corso Botta

As soon as they arrived on the spot, the men of the local police managed to photograph the swarm and, after a few minutes, the bees resumed their flight. Traffic was blocked as a precaution, leaving time for insects to settle about ten meters above a branch of the maple tree that stands in front of the Caddy’s store. When it got dark, the bees remained stationary to rest, almost certainly ready at dawn to resume their flight.

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