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Ivrea. New hospital, the Ribes area appears

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On the day when confirmation arrives that the new Dpcm on Inail investments accepts all the requests of the Piedmont Region in the field of healthcare construction for one billion and 642 million, the ASL / To4 mayors’ conference is more divided than ever in identifying the areas to be proposed to the Region.

The Sentinel of Friday 9 April in a minute

And after a three-hour discussion, the administrators vote to also include in the minutes the proposal for the Ribes area made a few days ago by the mayors of Pavone, Samone, Colleretto Giacosa and Samone. The Dpcm on Inail investments speaks of six new hospitals, plus confirmation for the two already planned (Asl / To5 and Asl del Verbano) and, among others, 140 million for the new hospital in Ivrea. Now, it is certainly true that the Inail document does not automatically correspond to the opening of a construction site, but to the projects that can be evaluated by Inail as part of the three-year real estate investment plans. Certainly, however, it is an important step forward in the context of a marathon. The regional councilor for health Luigi Icardi comments: «We need new, technological structures with adequate spaces. Healthcare real estate is among the oldest in Italy, it must be brought back up with the times. These new construction sites, together with those of the Turin and Novara Health Parks, represent the largest investment in healthcare construction ever made in Piedmont ».

from turin to ivrea

And while the regional councilor Icardi was commenting on the Piedmont health building plan, there was a quarrel in the conference of the mayors of the ASL / To4. On the agenda of the assembly chaired by the mayor of Ivrea Stefano Sertoli was the document drawn up by the restricted commission of 16 municipalities which, after a year of meetings, discussions and postponements, voted to propose two sites for examination by the Region : that of Montefibre nord, in Ivrea, and the former Olivetti area of ​​Scarmagno. The document of the 16 is from last December and is in the weeks following the announcement of the choice of the Swedish entrepreneur Lars Carlstrom to install a lithium battery storage and production gigafactory in the former Olivetti district, with entry into operation in 2024. the announcement of construction of the factory, at the moment, however, does not exclude the Scarmagno site from the analysis due to its suitability to host the future hospital. And in fact at the conference of mayors the document drawn up by the commission of 16 was still put to the vote. But the territory proved to be more divided than ever, with three hours of discussion – at times very heated – which left the mayors of the others perplexed. areas of the ASL / To4 not directly affected by the debate on the location of the Ivrea hospital with a good dose of embarrassment due to the lack of clarity on what to vote.

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everyone agrees but …

The need for a new hospital to replace the Ivrea building is not in question, but the territory is unable to summarize a proposed location. And this is not news. A few days before the conference of mayors, the mayor of Pavone Endro Bevolo (also in the name of Colleretto Giacosa, Samone and Salerano) asked to put the Ribes area back into play, judged more suitable than Montefibre. Sertoli specified that it was a candidacy that arrived after the deadline. And he also made it a question of method. The Ribes area had already been brought to the examination of the 16, but had been rejected by the commission as not immediately available. But the front opened by Bevolo with the – strong – request to also include Ribes in the list of sites to be proposed for examination by the Region found wide consensus in all the administrators of the western Canavese, Rivarolo in the lead, who had already built the Scarmagno operation with the senator of Fi Virginia Tiraboschi as an alternative to Ivrea. Rivarolo, Busano, Valperga have therefore lined up to support Ribes’s inclusion. In the debate, all the criticisms of the Montefibre area that have already emerged several times have returned: the difficulty of reaching it, limited possibility of expansion is attributed. Mediation has become difficult. There are those, like San Giorgio, who stressed the importance of giving a political message and also of safeguarding a working method that the commission itself had given itself or like Bollengo, who supported the work of the commission and the document drawn up after months of discussions and clarifying the need, in this process that promises to be very long, not to waste any more time. But Ribes supporters insisted. In summary: if it is the Region that studies the areas through IRES and decides, why remove a site that still represents an additional opportunity? Alberto Rostagno (Rivarolo) underlined: «Since the vote of that document, things have changed. Why exclude Ribes? It can be an alternative proposal, so as not to remain with the match in hand if the factory is built in Scarmagno and Montefibre is not considered suitable ».

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Giambattistino Chiono, Busano, observed: «Already the Ivrea hospital where it is now is difficult to reach. Make no mistakes on structures that must serve a large portion of the territory ». For Valperga, the municipal councilor Sergio Bretti, former director of the complex structure of Oncology of the ASL / To4 intervened, who highlighted some suggestions related to the Ribes area: “Expansion capacity for healthcare buildings which, after Covid, will be with horizontal development and on modules to be able to easily separate areas and have large spaces available, proximity to the motorway exit and therefore ease of reaching the hub hospital for the ASL / To4 (Giovanni Bosco, ed), proximity to the Bioindustry park, excellence that deals with research with contacts with the University ».


It is difficult, after three hours, to figure it out. And given that the way to autonomously present Ribes’s candidacy to the Region has been indicated (and it is a way that buries territorial cohesion), the way out of the impasse of the discussion was indicated by a mayor outside the area ( Loredana Devietti, Ciriè) to put to the vote the inclusion in the minutes that the four Municipalities had sent a document to propose a new area, safeguarding the work of the commission and removing the administrators of the other areas from the embarrassment of an unweighted decision. Thus, the overwhelming majority of the mayors of the assembly voted the green light to include the proposal in the minutes and Bevolo, on behalf of the proponents, undertook to write the candidacy presenting the positive sides of the site and not the negative ones of the others ( which had irritated Sertoli a lot). The only one who voted no was Luigi Ricca (Bollengo) for a form of consistency: he has always supported Montefibre. –

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