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Ivrea, Teresa Bianco dies at 97: the bishop’s mother

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Teresa Bianco had accompanied her son several times in public ceremonies in the city: this afternoon the funeral

IVREA . The Diocese of Ivrea, the parishes, the priests, the deacons, and all the faithful, are in mourning and have participated in mourning for the death of the Bishop’s mother, Edoardo Aldo Cerrato.

Teresa Bianco widow Cerrato passed away peacefully last Friday 8 October at the age of 97 in Turin, where she had lived for some years alongside her daughter Anna. Ms. Teresa was well known in Ivrea and not only for having been alongside her son Edoardo on many occasions, starting from the day of his inauguration on the Ivrea chair, Sunday 7 October 2012, as 68th bishop of the Diocese of Ivrea.

Mother Teresa Bianco also supported Bishop Edoardo on other official occasions in Ivrea and in the diocese, including those of the official celebrations of the feast of the Ivrea patron San Savino, and in meetings with the faithful of various parishes during his visits to the area. diocesan.

Bishop Edoardo Aldo Cerrato personally communicated the news of the death of mother Teresa on Friday 8 October with a message in which he recalled that: “This morning at 10 the Lord called my mother to the House of Heaven, to whom I had the consolation to stay close to the last breath ».

The burial Mass of Mrs. Teresa Bianco will be celebrated at 3pm today on Monday 11 October in the parish church of her town of origin, Marzanotto d’Asti, preceded by the recitation of the Rosary at 20.30 on Sunday 10 October. The Rosary in suffrage of the deceased was previously recited on the evening of Saturday 9 October at 7.45 pm in the parish of Mary Mother of the Church in Turin, and on the same evening of Saturday 9 October at 20 also in the Cathedral of Ivrea where the clergy and faithful from Ivrea and Canavese were able to participate in the grave family mourning of their bishop.

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The bishop of Ivrea personally thanked the clergy, the faithful and those, not only from the Diocese of Ivrea, who wanted to express their great and heartfelt participation in the family mourning last Saturday morning in Strambino, after having heard the parish priest Don Silvio Faga renew participation and condolences for his family mourning in the name of the entire diocese.

In fact, despite the death of mother Teresa, Msgr. Edoardo Aldo Cerrato on the morning of Saturday 9 October confirmed his presence and presided over Strambino (as part of the solemn ceremonies of the fifth centenary Coronation of Our Lady of the Rosary scheduled from next week to culminate on the morning of Sunday 24 October 2021 ) the ceremony of the conferral of the sacred Order of the permanent diaconate to the four diocesan acolytes: Alessandro Ugo of Bollengo, Giovanni Malandrino of Castellamonte, Luigino Bonafè of Alice Castello, Livio Bellino of Castellamonte. SANDRO RONCHETTI

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