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Ivrea, the 2022 edition of the historic carnival canceled

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A painful decision, but considered inevitable. The 2021 edition had already been canceled while the 2020 one was interrupted on Sunday evening, after the first day of the battle of the oranges

No Historical Carnival of Ivrea not even in 2022. The Board of Directors of the Foundation of the Historical Carnival of Ivrea, met on November 24 with the municipal administration and with all the components, having acknowledged the rapid evolution of the epidemiological crisis and the recent restrictions adopted by the Government to protect public health, is unfortunately forced to confirm the cancellation of the 2022 edition of the Carnival. The Foundation itself communicates it.

The question had already been in the air for weeks and, substantially, the components were already resigned to the fact that the event, given the situation, could not have taken place. Politics had shown the will to proceed with the organization of the historic Carnival anyway, but the board of directors took office on Saturday and led by Piero Gillardi, dealing with the municipal administration and the members themselves, came to terms with reality. On Wednesday evening, the Foundation, the Municipality and its members sat down at the same table to understand what to do.

“The painful decision – reads a note released by the Foundation of the historic carnival – was taken in agreement with all the parties involved, considering the uncertainty and unpredictability of future scenarios, incompatible with the organizational needs of the event, and not considering any solution that could guarantee the conduct of the event in normal and safe conditions. The nature and characteristics of the Historical Carnival of Ivrea do not allow, however, to imagine a limited edition, in due and responsible compliance with the regulations in force, to the point of being profoundly and irremediably distorted “.” The choice of a cancellation, painful but unfortunately inevitable – we read – was taken precisely in respect of the integrity of the event, of the historical figures that animate it, of the many volunteers, of the orange-throwers, of all the people involved and the thousands of visitors who flock every year from all over d el world just to witness something unique. “

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The board of directors of the Foundation of the historic carnival of Ivrea undertakes to evaluate in the coming weeks, together with the municipal administration and all the components, if there will be the conditions to carry out some special initiatives outside the normal program of the event, as already carried out last year with the social project #uncarnevalediricordi.

“We hope – concludes the note – to return soon to experience our party in total safety and with the spirit that made it a unique event in the world”

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