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Ivrea, the police rescue a wandering dog in traffic

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Ivrea, the police rescue a wandering dog in traffic

IVREA. He certainly wouldn’t have had a good end if the police hadn’t swooped in after him, to the point of capturing him and bringing him home safely, in the arms of his owner who has been anxious for hours. The protagonist of this adventure with a happy ending is a twelve-year-old Pomeranian-like mixed-breed dog who on Thursday 24, around 11 in the morning, found himself wandering around via Circonvallazione after running away from home and losing his way back. The municipal police noticed him, deciding to intervene in no time, while at all costs he tried to discard the cars in an attempt to cross the roadway, which was very busy at that hour. At the height of the pizzeria, on the Vercelli gate side, Mario Perino and Igor Boerio passed on patrol. Who did not hesitate to intervene. Once captured, the little dog was taken to the headquarters in Piazza Nazionale, where his microchip was ascertained and read. From there back in the car, the police and the Pomeranian, but in the direction of the owner residing in via Lago Sirio. A bad adventure that ended well for the four-legged friend who is very reminiscent of a similar episode that took place in recent months towards Albiano, with the agents of the local police of Ivrea always saving and providential.

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