Home News Ivrea, the reconstruction of the wall on the Dora starts 8 months after the accident

Ivrea, the reconstruction of the wall on the Dora starts 8 months after the accident

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Ivrea, the reconstruction of the wall on the Dora starts 8 months after the accident
Work in progress

Work in progress Garibaldi after the November crash. He will pay the insurance, the damage is eighteen thousand euros

IVREA. Eight months after the accident from which the problem arose, the demolition and reconstruction work on the low wall in Corso Garibaldi began, just before the old bridge over the Dora. The construction site started work last week, with a closure forecast placed at the end of this one.

The Roman company Sicurezza e Ambiente spa is engaged on the spot, with which the Municipality has an agreement to guarantee damage caused by road accidents to public assets and safety, both as regards the restoration of places (typical case, accidental spillage of diesel fuel on the road), both as regards the restoration of the state of the art of structures and buildings. As in this case. The intervention will cost the Municipality nothing, while the company that has an agreement will interface with the private insurance companies in the economic coverage of the intervention. On the curve that precedes the Borghetto, where the stone parapet demolished by a car last November is located, the damage is considerable. The figure is around 18 thousand euros including VAT. The insurance company of the driver who caused the damage will pay. As to why it took eight months before starting the construction site, which the case wanted in operation in the two hottest weeks of the last twenty years, the Councilor for Maintenance Michele Cafarelli repeated what had already been highlighted last spring, explaining that “The project was complex because of the type of bridge on which we are going to work, supported by arches which in turn cannot receive too much pressure”. Not only that, that section is subject to the constraint of the Superintendency, so the project had a longer process with final authorizations also from the Fine Arts of Turin. In any case, “it had been secured, with a temporary barrier.” Currently, the presence of the workers requires a speed not exceeding 30 per hour, the flashing signs serve precisely to draw the attention of those arriving from Porta Aosta: “The wall has been demolished and is now being rebuilt as it was originally – Cafarelli specifies – In addition, it is only foreseen the laying of some iron poles for reinforcement purposes. If everything goes smoothly before the weekend is over ».

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