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Izmir’s nightmare, the ‘ghost marksman’, is in custody – Current News

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Izmir’s nightmare, the ‘ghost marksman’, is in custody – Current News

İzmir’in Karsiyaka At different times, pumps were used in Nergiz Park in the district. with a rifle When the claim that 5 people and 1 dog were shot and injured was echoed on social media, police teams started an investigation into the incident. Regarding the incidents that were learned to have occurred between 15.30 – 17.00 Izmir Provincial Police Department“In the statement taken from Sevgi Tevşi regarding the issue of ‘Negligent Injury’, which was understood to have occurred in front of the workplace on Nergis Mah. 6018 Sk., at around 13:50 on 15.11.2023, at around 13:50 on 15.11.2023, the Complainant was contacted. When he entered the workplace at the address of the incident in question at around 13:50 on 15.11.2023, he first heard a soft cracking sound, then felt a pain in his foot, looked at his foot, saw blood flowing, went to Çiğli Training and Research Hospital with his own means and got hit by a pellet on his foot. “He stated that he learned about the incident, that he did not suspect anyone, that he did not experience any suspicious circumstances at the time of the incident, and that he was a plaintiff and complainant. Necessary investigations were carried out at the scene and the necessary work was initiated. It was understood that there was no other application regarding the issue submitted to our police stations.”

1 detained

Deepening their work on the incident, Karşıyaka District Police Department teams identified the addresses of 3 suspects and carried out a simultaneous operation. One of the target suspects, named YAT, who is believed to have committed the incident, was detained. It was reported that efforts to capture other suspects are continuing.

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