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Jackson Martínez without a team, the DIM told him no.

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Jackson Martínez without a team, the DIM told him no.

Jackson Martínez without a team, the DIM told him no.

Through a statement, Deportivo Independiente Medellín confirmed the non-hiring of Jackson Martínez.

One of the most successful Colombian forwards in Europe, was jackson martinez, who managed to win the hearts of the ‘Dragao’ fans, with his scores abroad, won some local titles. After two years without playing, the days of uncertainty seemed to diminish, as the native of Quibdó sought to return to professionalism with the team of his love, Independiente Medellín.

Everything seemed to be going successfully, the signing of the 36-year-old forward seemed to have a good port, because even despite his football break in 2020, he joined the training sessions of the ‘Powerful of the mountain’ from January 20, 2023. Jackson Martínez sought with this to start a physical improvement to enter the ranks of the red paisa with the best level.

However, in a recent statement from the DIM, the club’s refusal to hire the historic former Colombian forward was confirmed. “After two weeks of work, although the player received the sports and medical guarantee that allowed him under special conditions to be part of the team and in which both the club and the player worked together and doing their part, it was not possible make an economic agreement that would be satisfactory for both parties and would meet the logistical conditions for the transfer of the player and his family,” the club said.

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For his part, the player has not yet commented on the matter. However, the team wished the player the best and thanked the management carried out so far. “We thank Jackson for his willingness to return to the institution to be part of our professional team and we reiterate that the club’s doors will always be open for him and his family.”

América de Cali: the player who was involved in an accident

The good time of cali america It looks stained this Monday morning when the team confirmed that one of its references ended up involved in a traffic accident in Villa Rica.

After an excellent start to the tournament, where the America He is the leader of the tournament with six points, and a great goal difference, the accident of one of his figures has hit the scarlet fans, who celebrated the good start of the tournament for the ‘wick’, where they have won, liked and thrashed .

The events occurred on Sunday night, when the player Adrian Ramos He was involved in a traffic accident in Villa Rica, near the Valle del Cauca capital. According to the statement issued by the cali america In his social networks, the scarlet player is out of danger.

“América de Cali informs its fans, the media and the general public that, last night, our captain Adrián Ramos was involved in a traffic accident in Villa Rica, Cauca. The scarlet striker was assessed by health personnel and is in perfect condition”wrote the American club, in the official statement.

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