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Jail for father of baby who died in Valledupar motel

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Jail for father of baby who died in Valledupar motel

The evidence shows that the accused today would have taken the victim’s mother against her will and forced to leave the minor in a vehicle while they remained in the establishment.

After assessing the arguments and evidence provided by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, a guarantee control judge imposed a detention security measure in a prison on a man who would be involved in the death of his seven-month-old daughter, and the retention and sexual abuse of his partner in events that occurred on January 1, in Valledupar (Cesar).

The 23-year-old accused today would have taken his partner to the business establishment against their will and forced to leave the baby in a vehicle, while they remained in a room.

The investigative work carried out by the CTI reveals that the motel employees realized that the car was running, so they went to verify what was happening and found the girl in an unconscious state, and her parents in the same condition.

The minor was transferred to a care center in the city; however, she arrived without vital signs. The National Institute of Legal Medicine established that she died from carbon monoxide inhalation. It also reaffirmed that the victim’s mother was subjected to sexual assaults.

For these facts, a prosecutor from the Cesar Section charged the baby’s father with the crimes of aggravated homicide, aggravated kidnapping for extortion and violent carnal access. The charges were not accepted.

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