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Jail for the man who beat his ex-wife in Gaira

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Jail for the man who beat his ex-wife in Gaira

a prosecutor of Care Center for Victims of Domestic ViolenceCavif, managed to prosecute a 39-year-old man, accused of being responsible for the crime of violence

aggravated intrafamilial

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The events occurred on January 15, in a building located in the Gaira sector, Santa Marta areaaccording to the authorities report.

The information indicates that Jesus Clemente Perez Rodriguezwho was arrested by court order by officials of the metropolitan police apparently, he hit his 29-year-old ex-wife causing bruises.

At the time, he was taken amid strict security measures to the headquarters of the Immediate Reaction Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office where it was left at the disposal of a judicial office.

In preliminary hearings, the capture was legalized, The Prosecutor’s Office transferred the indictmentwhose charges were not accepted by the defendant.

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Faced with this situation, a municipal criminal judge with a guarantee control function, he was imposed a measure of insurance in a prison, for which he was transferred to a detention center in the region.

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