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James Rodríguez.. How does Carlos Antonio Vélez treat him?… Read.

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James Rodríguez.. How does Carlos Antonio Vélez treat him?… Read.

To take into account 1:

Those of us who followed the match between South Korea and Colombia on the RCN Channel were able to ratify, witness and even feel the burden and anger that the commentator-analyst Carlos Antonio Vélez has for James Rodríguez, Colombia’s number 10 and its top scorer.

In his “tickets”, at different moments of the match he preferred to throw hints at him, since he could not overwhelm him as on other occasions, since James did not play, nor did he play badly.

To keep in mind 2:

Let’s go by parts: in the first half when Colombia was losing 2-0, as a result of the pressure that forced an error, where the goalkeeper Camilo Vargas was included, who went for a walk to a corner of the field, and the other was a great goal from a free kick, like Messi or Ronaldo, the analyst Carlos Antonio insisted that Colombia had to run more and that it needed players to do it, while the measured DT Juan José Peláez advocated more possession so as not to play like Same as Korea, because it was obvious that in that style of play they have an advantage.

To keep in mind 3:

Colombia suffered the entire first half due to pressure on all fronts from the locals, a style that has given them results in their transfer, it is also a team that comes from the World Cup in Qatar, even if it has changed its technical director. James and his teammates had little of it, he saved three times in which they could string together the game and in one of them Santos Borré, another ill-loved by Carlos Antonio, was about to score.

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To keep in mind 4:

And the second half came and there the analyst’s dislike for James became more noticeable, since the 10th scored the discount goal when there were barely 3 minutes left and Colombia had made adjustments by their DT Lorenzo… While “El Cantante del Goal”, Javier Fernández Franco, brought out his virtues and admiration for James when narrating the goal, he barely mentioned it and that was a technically-produced goal because the 10 subtly put it where the goalkeeper could not reach… two minutes later the tie would come at the feet of Carrascal, whom Carlos Antonio did fill with praise.

It is worth saying that Professor Juan José Peláez, sparing and deep as always, did highly appreciate what James had done and his goal that filled the tricolor shirt with air.

To keep in mind 5:

From then on, Javier Fernández Franco highlighted James’ goal and his scoring presence in the National Team, as well as timely passes, adequate circulation of the ball and possession that were about to lead to the third when a header from Santos Borré hit the the stick.

To keep in mind 6:

Later, with 25 remaining, James and Borré came out, so the analyst said that they were announced changes and did not mention what the goal of 10 had meant… Which his teammates did.

Rather, we will continue to listen to this trend, although fortunately for the Colombian National Team James Rodríguez continues “in crescendo” and Santos Borré remains at a high level… This Tuesday will be another game, against Japan, but, regardless of what happens, the page of what happened before South Korea is already written.

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