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Jean Pierre Bemba in Goma to boost troop morale

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Jean Pierre Bemba in Goma to boost troop morale

The war is almost at the door of the city of Goma, capital of the province of North Kivu. The inhabitants of this city live in psychosis and fear of tomorrow. Each day that passes, displaced people arrive from everywhere to find asylum in Goma, although the city itself is not safe.

It is in this context that the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of defense Jean Pierre Bemba arrived in Goma in the morning of Friday February 9, 2024.

No statement to the press but one thing is certain, the Minister of Defense is coming to boost the morale of the troops engaged at the front. Because, on social networks, we have seen certain soldiers at the front making statements to denounce the conditions in which they wage war. Too much betrayal, too much lightness and too much letting go which works against the fardc.

Jean Pierre Bemba therefore has this heavy mission to give hope to the soldiers at the front. While the war is almost at Goma’s doorstep, the morale of the troops must be at its peak.

For several days, the M23 rebels have been threatening to take the city of Goma after attempting to take the city of Shasha and that of Sake, thus throwing several displaced people into the streets.


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