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Jenn Muriel spoke for the first time about her breakup with the influencer

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Jenn Muriel spoke for the first time about her breakup with the influencer

Jenn Muriel has become one of the most recognized influencers in the country, is that she is not only praised for her physical beauty, but also for her charming way of acting. A Colombian who has an entire country enchanted, and who also takes over the country’s Instagram content.

The Colombian has more than 6.8 million followers on their social networks, who daily appreciate the instagramer’s content and send her motivational messages. With authentic looks, styles and designs, the renowned influencer has a full photo gallery on her digital media.

However, The beautiful Colombian is no stranger to the controversies that are experienced in the digital industry. In the last year, Muriel has been in the eye of the hurricane, and all thanks to the loving relationship she formed with the renowned content creator Yefferson Cossio.

A relationship that did not end as both celebrities expected, and that became a commentary center on social networks. Apparently, the influencer had made an unforgivable mistake, what would have caused the instagramer terminated their sentimental relationship.

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However, The only one who spoke out on his social networks in the face of the controversial failed relationship was the Colombian influencer. For her part, Muriel did not speak on the subject, but it was not until recently when Jenn Muriel publicly referred to what would have happened between Yefferson Cossio and her.

In a recognized Youtube program, ‘La Divaza’ He took it upon himself to ask the influencer how she had taken the news that her ex-partner was in another love relationship.

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I found out through the networks and I didn’t feel anything, that is, people say that I quickly got over the 10-year relationship because people don’t know what was behind it. It was quite a long process and when everything that happened came to light, We were going wrong, but we kept trying, we kept the hope that we could try, But the relationship was already too damaged, the truth, “concluded the famous.

“We were going in different directions”, Jenn Muriel on her relationship with Cossio

Undoubtedly, The end of this relationship caused quite a few questions from netizens, who assured that both seemed very happy enjoying their love relationship.

Therefore, months laterthe Colombian influencer spoke out against her break with the Colombian model.

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Jenn Muriel assured that at this moment she is looking for a stable relationship, something that Yefferson Cossio apparently did not have in mind. It should be remembered that the influencer will take the example of her grandparents, who maintained a faithful and lasting marriage.

For now, both celebrities are following different paths, Cossio continues to classify himself as one of the influencers most viewed on digital platforms, and Muriel remains focused on her life projects.

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