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Jesse bankruptcy in Gaiarine, 40 workers without salary for two months: appeal of the CGIL to the Municipalities

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The Jesse di Gaiarine plant

The workers of the furniture factory have been “suspended” for eight weeks. Fillea Cgil Treviso asks the municipalities of Gaiarine and Sacile to support the families involved in the difficult dispute

GAIARINE. Suspended. This is the condition in which the 40 workers of Jesse Italia Srl find themselves after the bankruptcy of the company on October 27th, waiting for the so-called return of the company, now in liquidation to Jesse Srl, the furniture company of Gaiarine that in the 2017 leased the business unit to Jesse Italia.

For these workers, without the October salary, the trade union, FILLEA CGIL, has asked and continues to ask for the “relegation” process to be accelerated by the bankruptcy trustee Sante Casonato, thus, once they have moved to Jesse Srl , the latter can apply for extraordinary layoffs and give them income support through the social safety net.

To bring out the serious situation and to clarify the request of the Union and of the company Rsu is Cristian Dalla Pozza of FILLEA CGIL of Treviso who adds “moreover, these are the same workers who, from the sale of the business branch to Jesse Italia Srl in 2017, are still awaiting the payments of the pension funds to be paid by Jesse Srl and then by Jesse Italia Srl. Charges that could allow the 40 suspended employees, by drawing on advances, to cope with the difficult economic condition “.

“We have also taken action with the industrial representatives of Assindustria VenetoCentro, in order to accelerate the relegation of workers and properties to Jesse Srl – continued Cristian Dalla Pozza -, as well as towards the municipal administrations of Gaiarine and Sacile, where most of the workers involved in the affair reside, so that they take charge of the situation of these families and the Mayor of Gaiarine has already given his willingness to activate forms of help “. “We trust in the good sense of all the parties concerned, first of all the two companies that have to respond jointly – concludes Dalla Pozza -, so that in a very short time the tool to support workers’ incomes is found in the social shock absorber, so that they are not them having to pay the heaviest bill ».

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