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Jiangsu does in-depth and detailed supervision work to ensure that the provincial party congress is clean and upright with iron discipline

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Jiangsu does in-depth and detailed supervision work to ensure that the provincial party congress is clean and upright with iron discipline

Meeting Point News November 24, the first day of the opening of the 14th Provincial Party Congress, except for a simple and generous sign, the International Youth Conference Center looked the same as usual. The reporter entered the venue and found that there was no special decoration except for the meeting banner, and only the necessary documents and materials for the meeting were seen in the seats. Pragmatic, simple, thrifty, solemn and fresh will be everywhere.

The successful holding of the 14th Provincial Party Congress is an extremely important political task for the whole province. From July to November of this year, the provincial party committee focused on studying the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on serious changes in discipline and watched warning feature films at the meeting many times. In accordance with the requirements of the central and provincial party committees, our province has done in-depth and detailed disciplinary supervision work to ensure the integrity of the provincial party congress by strengthening disciplinary education, conducting on-site supervision and inspection, and establishing a rapid verification and disposal mechanism.

“Strictly abide by the disciplinary requirements of the’Ten Prohibitions’, and create an environment for a clean and vigorous change of term.” In the past few days, in the main venue of the Provincial Party Congress and the residences of the delegations, the relevant disciplinary requirements of the meeting will be scrolled on the electronic screen to remind representatives and work. The staff strictly observes discipline, knows awe, guards against fear, and keeps the bottom line, and promotes the change of discipline into the mind and heart. The reporter also noticed that when the provincial party representatives reported, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department of the Central Committee, and the State Supervision Commission’s “Notice on Severe Change of Discipline and Strengthen the Supervision of the Change of Ethics” and “Serious Change of Discipline Reminder Card” were also used as conference materials to all participants. Staff issuance. On November 23, the provincial party congress preparatory meeting reiterated the disciplinary requirements for the change of term, organized to watch the warning education film “Alarm Bells”, and continued to tighten the string of discipline, allowing party representatives to focus their time and energy on seeking development and discussing people’s livelihood.

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During the meeting, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision and the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee transferred specialized personnel to form a discipline group for the conference to strengthen on-site supervision and inspection. “The Provincial Party Congress carries the new expectations of 80 million people in Jiangsu, and it should become a benchmark and demonstration of good meeting style.” The staff of the discipline group of the Congress told reporters that, unlike the past, the discipline group of this Congress promoted the sinking of supervisory power. Each residence hotel is assigned a working group, and each delegation specifies that a dedicated person will follow the group and supervise the whole process, eat and live with the conference delegates, check the participation rate, accommodation rate, dining rate, and pay attention to the general atmosphere , Incorporate strict disciplinary supervision into all links of the whole process of changing the term.

The reporting channels are unblocked. The “12388” reporting platform of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the “12380” reporting platform of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department is on duty around the clock. Representatives’ hotels and conference venues also set up reporting boxes to receive reports and reports on disciplinary issues from the cadres and the masses in a timely manner. With regard to “zero tolerance” for violations of the general discipline, this conference will specially select staff from the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee to form a quick verification team, and promptly accept letters and visits reports and problem clues such as violations of the general discipline and the spirit of the eight central regulations , Priority, strict and quick investigation and punishment.

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In addition, in order to consolidate the main responsibilities of each delegation, each delegation has clarified a person in charge of disciplinary supervision and a liaison of disciplinary supervision. During the meeting, they will cooperate with the disciplinary team of the conference to jointly maintain the authority of the change of discipline.

Junction point reporter Gu Min Chen Junlu

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