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Jiangsu pays close attention to the employment needs of enterprises to help “start a good start” and charter planes and cars in many places to welcome migrant workers returning to Jiangsu

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Jiangsu pays close attention to the employment needs of enterprises to help “start a good start” and charter planes and cars in many places to welcome migrant workers returning to Jiangsu

Original Title: Chartered Planes and Cars in Many Places to Greet Migrant Workers Returning to Suzhou

Before the end of the new year, many places in Jiangsu are keeping a close eye on the employment needs of enterprises, and have used various forms such as chartered flights and cars to warmly welcome migrant workers who come to Jiangsu and return to other provinces, and help enterprises start their production “good start”.

“Point-to-point” chartered car from Shaanxi to Nanjing

In the early morning of January 27, the first batch of 226 migrant workers from Danfeng County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province gathered in the square of Nanping Village and boarded the “point-to-point” bus to Ningxia. On the same day, a chartered car carrying 53 workers from Xuanwei, Yunnan and other places also drove to related enterprises in Qixia District, Nanjing.

In order to ensure the employment of enterprises after the festival, the human resources and social security departments of Nanjing City and districts acted in advance, and introduced measures such as subsidies for staying workers, subsidies for employment services, and subsidies for chartered cars to help enterprises resume work and production. At the same time, give full play to the role of hundreds of labor service cooperation bases across the country, jointly organize labor service cooperation docking, special recruitment and live broadcast activities. Relying on the north-south labor cooperation mechanism before the Spring Festival, Nanjing Yuanhang Human Resources Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd. connected with Anhui Sixian Technical School for Nanjing Hengcheng Liansheng Automobile Supporting Service Co., Ltd. under the Nanjing SAIC Volkswagen Group. 60 students went to the factory to participate in the on-the-job internship. According to Tang Hailiang from Jiangsu Dingli Human Resources Company, through point-to-point chartered cars or reimbursement of fares, the company has employed nearly 2,500 people in Nanjing in the past 10 days.

Han Xiaoyan, director of the Nanjing Labor Employment Service Management Center, said that the Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Department will pay close attention to the employment needs of enterprises after the festival, and will continue to increase the guarantee for migrant workers to travel and return to work while doing their best to serve enterprises to stay and stabilize their jobs. For example, on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, the 2023 “Create Jiangsu” spring breeze action special event will be held in the south square of Nanjing Railway Station with a large traffic flow, providing high-quality jobs for job-seeking workers; employment assistance months and live broadcasts will continue to be held in the odd job market Recruitment activities; densely open point-to-point chartered cars all over the country. On February 1st, Nanjing will organize 8 companies including Jiangsu Ruizhi Kangjian Senior Industry Group to take more than 1,200 jobs to Danfeng to participate in the first recruitment event of the new year. 30 companies including Sinopec, Decathlon, and Meishan Iron and Steel will also participate More than 4,000 jobs were provided and handed over to the Danfeng County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for on-site release.

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120 Qujing employees returned to tin by “chartered flight”

“Welcome to Wuxi! I wish you success in your work and a happy life!” At 12:25 on January 27, Hunan Airlines flight A67147 landed smoothly at Sunan Shuofang International Airport. 120 migrant workers from Qujing, Yunnan walked down the gangway amidst the sound of welcome , After receiving the return-to-work gift package, go to their respective work units. So far, the “point-to-point” chartered flight delivery service between Qujing, Yunnan and Wuxi, Jiangsu, which lasted 28 hours and spanned thousands of mountains and rivers, has come to a successful conclusion.

“This is the first time for me to take a plane, and I don’t need to take a long-distance bus for dozens of hours. It is convenient and comfortable.” Liu Yuzhi, 45, who lives in Xiaodeji Village, Baishui Town, Qujing City, and his family of three work in Huishan, Wuxi. After working for 4 years, the living standard of the whole family has been greatly improved. “This year, we moved into a newly built three-story building and had a joyous Spring Festival. The relatives and friends who came to our house said they wanted to come to Wuxi with us and live a good life together.” Liu Yuzhi said with a smile.

17 employees of Wuxi Jingyuntong Technology Co., Ltd. took the chartered flight. Zhu Rende, general manager of the company, told reporters that because the company’s orders have grown steadily and production tasks are full, the company is still operating normally during the Spring Festival, and workers take turns to take vacations to return home to visit relatives. “The holiday is coming to an end, and many employees reported that tickets are not easy to buy, and we are also very anxious. The chartered flight not only facilitates the employees, but also solves our employment problem.”

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There are currently 19,000 migrant workers from Yunnan in Wuxi, of which about 3,100 are from Qujing. Shen Ting, deputy director of the Wuxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said that as early as years ago, they had contacted the local human resources and social security department in Yunnan, and through system inquiries and comparisons, they had obtained information on a group of migrant workers in Wuxi. Knowing that they were eager to come to Wuxi to resume work and production, the working group of the Wuxi Human Resources and Social Security Bureau acted quickly. At 7:00 a.m. on January 26, they went to Qujing to sort out the specific process and links of the charter flight activities, and fully assisted the local migrant workers to return to work smoothly.

Yangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Department sent a heart-warming gift package

On the afternoon of January 27, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yangzhou City, together with employers, held a welcome ceremony at JA Solar Yangzhou Solar Energy Co., Ltd. to welcome the first batch of more than 200 workers returning to work from Henan, Shanxi, Heilongjiang and other provinces after the Spring Festival.

“Before the Spring Festival, I felt the strong momentum of market recovery. The company’s production line capacity in the first quarter was full, and more than 300 operators were urgently needed.” Zeng Yun, assistant general manager of JA Solar Yangzhou Solar Company, told reporters that before the holiday, the company focused on labor needs and Yangzhou. The development zone communicated, but unexpectedly, before the end of the new year, the recruitment team of the Human Resources and Social Security Department has gone to Henan and other places, opened the “employment through train” outside the province, and organized this group of laborers in just two days.

For this welcome ceremony, Zhang Qiang from Yuncheng, Shanxi was pleasantly surprised and heart-warming. “I came to Yangzhou for the first time. The city is beautiful and the people are very enthusiastic. JA Solar’s benefits are also good. I plan to work here for a long time.” Jia Yu, 32, is from Luohe, Henan. Stable job. On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, I learned that Yangzhou companies were recruiting workers in my hometown, and immediately signed up. Every migrant worker at the scene received a heart-warming gift package from the Yangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Department, which contained various toiletries. The reporter learned that this group of migrant workers mainly joined JA Solar Yangzhou Company, and the company provided free board and lodging. The monthly salary was about 5,500 yuan when they first joined the company, and it could reach more than 7,500 yuan after half a year. Ji Peijun, director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yangzhou City, said that he will do his best to ensure the service guarantee for migrant workers, effectively alleviate the urgent need for employment after the festival, and help enterprises sprint to a “good start”.

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Zhenjiang Spring Festival “doesn’t close” enterprises are busy recruiting workers

“The company will launch two new production lines this year, and it is estimated that there will be more than 100 labor needs.” On January 27, Dai Ping, the personnel director of Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., was in front of the recruitment booth in Yushan Square, Xijindu Scenic Area, Zhenjiang City. , Introduce the company’s salary package and various benefits to the citizens who come to apply for jobs.

The Jincai New Year special job fair organized by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zhenjiang City organized a total of 51 employers to participate, involving electronic information, traditional manufacturing, housekeeping services and many other industries. There are more than 4,000 jobs. According to Ai Xiaohui, director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zhenjiang, 11 online and offline recruitment activities were held in Zhenjiang during the Spring Festival holiday, and 183 key employment companies provided more than 10,000 jobs to meet the needs of various job seekers during the festival. After the holiday, the human resources and social security departments at the city and county levels in Zhenjiang will organize more than 200 key enterprises lacking workers to go to Shaanxi, Yunnan and other places to carry out more than 20 recruitment activities. At the same time, the two-level human resources and social security departments will also go to Shaanxi, Yunnan, Henan and other places to carry out “point-to-point” charter flights and car pick-up services for migrant workers to maximize the protection of enterprise employment. (Huang Hongfang, Fang Yawen, Li Yuan, Li Xinjin, Qian Fei, Xia Yuchen)

(Editors in charge: Li Jingye, Zhang Yan)

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